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I'm just not Supermom anymore....

I think I’m just worn out with blogging. I’ve been around a long time and I think I have given all the advice that I know. You firs...

Almost August. Really???

It seems like yesterday the kids were getting out of school for summer break and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them until school started again.

It’s been a crazy summer for sure and I’ve never been so busy.  The kids have had me on the go from morning until night.  FULL SPEED.

What ever happened to napping?  ha ha

It’s Friday and I’ve spent the day at home mostly.  I did run to the drug store to look for an umbrella that clamps onto a chair for sweet sweet baby.  I don’t want her to get too much sun when we are outside.  No such luck on the umbrella though.  I’m sure I started looking too late and I bet they will be setting Christmas stuff out soon enough. 

Then I ran to the grocery store to pick up stuff for the lake.  I will have to make sandwiches and things like that.  It’s a lot of work but totally worth it.

Watching the kids play all while I’m sitting in a chair with a book or the baby or both.

I am not ready for the kids to go back to school. 

Are you ready for the kids to be back in school?

{All about} Mary’s Secret Ingredients
{Let me tell you about the Summer Box 2015.}

Mary's Secret IngredientsMARY’s secret ingredients is a limited edition culinary surprise box containing unique gourmet, artisanal products along with handy kitchen tools. Every season, a limited number of themed boxes filled with lovely surprises to inspire your cooking are delivered right to your door.

Mary shares mouthwatering recipes using each box’s ingredients on the LOVE – the secret ingredient blog.

This is an excellent idea because you are sent different products that you may not even know about and it could turn into YOUR FAVORITE dish and you wouldn’t have found out about this product if it wasn’t for Mary Secret Ingredients.

It’s exciting!  Opening your goodie box to these great food ingredients or new kitchen gadget!  Then your mind goes into meal planning which is also where Mary can help because she posts recipes on her blog for each box and product!

SERIOUSLY!!  She does!  

Go order your box for the Fall Box 2015 before they are sold out.

The Adventures of Supermom® opened up the Summer Box 2015 and it looks so delicious.  Great products from:

Mary's Secret Ingredients

When it’s too hot in our town we head up.

It’s true.  When the temps get HOT the only place to cool down is by going up on the parkway.  We love the parkway.  I LOVE the parkway.  However I do not like bears, snakes, bugs and other assorted creepy crawly things that are on the parkway.

If I was ever to come across a bear or snake I would pass out cold or wet myself or even both.

If wouldn’t be a pretty sight.  Not at all.

BUT I love it when we go up.  Usually we head up to Mt. Mitchell but this time I talked Superdad into heading to Pisgah Inn so we could get a bite to eat and I enjoy that area of the parkway.  It’s just so beautiful.

We headed up to Pisgah Inn amusing ourselves with the girls making wishes by holding their breath in all the tunnels.  {I kept my eyes out for bears.}  Once we got there we enjoyed a yummy lunch and had fun in the gift shop.

Then it started to rain.


We live in such a beautiful place and I know that I take it for granted because it’s something I see every single day.  I need to enjoy the mountains more and appreciate the beautifulness around me. 

Some pictures from our drive.

The Adventures of Supermom®

The Adventures of Supermom®

The Adventures of Supermom®

The Adventures of Supermom®

The Adventures of Supermom®

Do you have a bedtime routine with your kids?
{A review of WallPops.}

The Adventures of Supermom®I’m not talking about pajamas, baths or the brushing of teeth, I’m talking about reading books and having that special time with your kids before you kiss them goodnight and turn off their light.

Superdad has created a special bedtime routine that he does with our girls before he reads them books….they explore maps and talk about far off places.

Before bed they pick a place, point a finger and off they go.  He likes to quiz them about continents and capitals and lakes.  I often hear them talking and laughing from their bedroom.  It really is a special time between a daddy and his daughters and I’m touched that I hear the sweetness of the moment.

WallPops reached out to me about a Back to School review and I jumped at the chance because they have wall decal maps and I knew it would be perfect for my girl’s bedroom.  I couldn’t wait to surprise them.

After Ninja Gurl started to feel better after getting her tonsils and adenoids out I brought out the map so we could find the perfect place for their new Solar System - Wall Decal.  Just so happens the space above her bed was empty!  Imagine that!

We set out to peeling the back off, which was a BREEZE, then getting it straight.  Don’t worry if you need to adjust because they are easy to pull off and adjust.  {It only took me two times.  Okay, may three.}

The Adventures of Supermom®

Quality time with my family. Lake Powhatan in Asheville, North Carolina

When I was a little girl I spent a lot of time at Lake Powhatan during the summer because there is a sandy beach area where you can swim and build sand castles.  It was fun except I can still remember that yucky feeling on the bottom of my feet from the bottom of the lake.

It always bugged me, that squishy wet cold feeling.


We took the girls last year and they LOVED it!  So did I!  We sat there in our beach chairs while the girls played in the water and sand.  It was really nice.  I had promised the girls that we’d go every Saturday this summer but with vacation and Ninja getting her tonsils out we finally made it to Lake Powhatan last weekend.

This time I was with all my kids and the sweet sweet baby.

{And six geese.}

They didn’t belong to me but it was entertaining watching them.

Superdad went too but he rode the trails on his mountain bike while I sat relaxing in my beach chair by the lake.

I’m so glad we finally made it and we are already planning our next trip.

I love spending time with my family.

The Adventures of Supermom®
See the geese?

Family Finest's Make-N-Bake Pizza Kits & Barista Break-N-Bake Scones {A yummy fun review and the kids helped.}

Schools out!!  Do I really have to get up early to cook breakfast??  Do I have to make LUNCH every single day??  Of course I do but I’m so thankful that I was able to review Barista Break-N-Bake Scones and Family Finest's Make-N-Bake Pizza Kits because it sure made my life easier.

Things have been so hectic with vacation and my youngest daughter getting her tonsils out so I’ve been in need for more sleep and easy things to make for the kids or things my 17 year old son can make.

The Adventures of Supermom®Barista Break-N-Bake Scones were perfect for a busy morning.  My son made them for himself and his sisters and paired them with some cold milk and OJ and everyone was happy.  Even ME because I was able to sleep in without having tiny fingers poking me to get up and feed them.

Friends say hello with our fresh scones!

The Adventures of Supermom®
Our Barista Master Bakers have again worked their floury magic and perfected an easy scone recipe that you bake right in your own home.                

Forget the local coffee shop, now you can enjoy fresh baked Orange Cranberry scones, Blueberry scones and Strawberries & Crème scones from the refrigerator to your oven in less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee. Fresh and warm scones that are perfect anytime.                       

It's the baked-from-scratch scone taste with the convenience you're looking for ... break, bake and enjoy!

ELEMENTS for Girls {All About}

AuthenticMe Elements for GirlsELEMENTS is a self-discovery book and bracelet for tween and early teen girls. This unique book invites girls to read, reflect and complete simple, fun activities while exploring important elements of growing up such as self-acceptance, empathy, communication and friendship. The theme of self-care is woven into the book in sections on sleep, healthy eating and stress management. With original doodle art throughout the book, girls are encouraged to express themselves with color, drawings and writing to make the book their own.

AuthenticMe Elements for Girls

As chapters are completed, girls use the creative kit included to design their own unique bracelet. The bracelet elements – colorful hemp, beads and charms – cleverly remind girls of the chapter themes to reinforce what was learned. Written by women with extensive experience in working with adolescents and parenting their own daughters, paired with the input of countless girls who had a hand in the concept, themes and activities, ELEMENTS is sure to become a treasured resource and keepsake.

I’m on a Coconut Oil kick!
{I love you Pamela Jacobs!}

Pamela JacobsI recently read an article on my favorite smut site about a woman who says she is 52 but gets mistaken for someone in her twenties. She looks amazing and is so beautiful. 

I wanna look like her when I am 52!!!!!!  After reading the article I starting looking up her beauty regime and it’s simple.

COCONUT OIL!  Healthy eating.  She has an amazing organic diet and only drinks ONE cup of COFFEE!  She is a SuperWoman!

Over the past few years that is all you hear about, the 101 ways you can use coconut oil.  I’ve sort of brushed it off and only really used it for cooking.

Coconut oil is yummy to cook with. 

We have a pretty good diet and I’m trying so hard to cut out sugar in my diet.  I didn’t say I was succeeding in cutting sugar out but I am trying and then when I do have sugar I feel all guilty and fat.  I’d love to only have one cup of coffee a day and then only drink water.

Would people be able to live with me while only enjoying one cup of coffee?  Would they survive?  Would I survive?

I have been greasing myself up with coconut oil since the article and I love it!  I have been an Aveeno Baby Lotion with Lavender Lotion junkie for YEARS!  I love that stuff and use it by the gallons.  So now after my hot bath I rub CO all over me including my face and in my hair.

I continue to use my facial products after using the CO.  However I am not wearing make-up as much because I have this amazing natural glow that is NOT greasy like you would think the CO would make you look.

My facial routine is CO after bath, my facial lotion and eye cream.  I use a skin toned pressed powder all over my face {a VERY LIGHT powder that doesn’t make me look all made up}, brush on a light eyeshadow and then add some lip gloss.  That’s it.  I may curl my lashes and of course I brush my brows.

If I went out with my Superdad on a date or out with my girlfriends I’d only add mascara and lipstick to the mix.  I really don’t feel that I need the make-up.  Especially with my tan and these couple million freckles.

I’m loving my CO kick and I hope I look like Pamela Jacobs when I turn 52.

Michelle Lee of The Adventures of Supermom®
Me at 41, like taken two weeks ago after using coconut oil.

Do you use coconut oil?  What healthy kicks have you tried?  What kicks do you want to share? 


Wall Pops


~ WallPops New Line Makes Back-To-School Fun ~

Students, get ready: the long and carefree days of summer are coming to an end, and reminders that responsibility is right around the corner are hard to miss, with back-to-school signage everywhere you look. But instead of just early mornings and homework assignments, what if back-to-school meant a chance to brighten up your study area, redecorate your dorm and discover products that help you stay on task?

WallPops, the premier line of peel-and-stick wall art from Brewster Home Fashions, has turned the back-to-school season around by offering stylish and practical new products – from Chalkboard Dots and Dry Erase Organization Kits to fashionable peel-and-stick photo frames and decorative wall decal kits – WallPops has it all.

“We created this line with busy students in mind,” says Paula Berberian, Creative Director of WallPops. “A happy marriage of style and function, our goal in designing and optimizing this line was to bring some fun to the back-to-school season.”

Oversized Message Boards: These extra-large message boards are perfect for leaving your roommate a note or yourself a reminder. Not to mention the fact that the fun yet classic designs complement any existing décor. (All message boards retail for approximately $23.99-$26.99 each)

Dry Erase Calendars and Organization Kits: Keep track of exams, school functions and dinner plans while still keeping décor chic. (All kits retail for approximately $14.99-$26.99 each)

Dry Erase Dots: Make a note or add a reminder – these fun dry erase dots let you do it all. They’re an updated classic of traditional, square boards and the jewel tones add just the right amount of flair to any room. (All Dry Erase Dots retail for approximately $14.99 each)

Small Wall Art Kits: Add an accent or display your favorite photos – there’s no limit with small wall art kits from WallPops. (All kits retail for approximately $17.99 each)

Confetti Dots: The mini revolution is here! WallPops’ traditional Dots now have a sister product in their new Confetti Dots. Coming 64 to a pack, choose from gold, silver or copper, each with a chic metallic sheen, or classic matte black. Each pack retails for approximately $14.99.

Large Wall Art Kits: Turn your room into a work of art with their large wall art kits that come in bright colors and on-trend patterns. (All kits retail for approximately $30.99 each)

Wall Quotes: Say what you feel – better yet put in on your wall! These wall quotes are exactly what you need to express and inspire yourself. (All quote kits retail for approximately $17.99)

Maps: Perfect for sprucing up your study area, the Earth at Night Map can be used as attractive wall art during the day and a glow in the dark accent piece at night.

Back-to-school can be something to look forward to this year, thanks to WallPops. All designs are available for purchase on the WallPops site at www.wallpops.com and at select retailers nationwide.

**I wasn’t paid to post this.  My girls were sent a FREE map for their room.**

What are you reading? YOU know what I am reading!!!

The Adventures of Supermom®

SO yeah I finished the first one and then started the second one before vacation.

I thought I would have finished the book while sitting on a beach while my granddaughter was sleeping across my legs but that didn’t happen and I wasn’t able to read at night because I would just fall asleep.

The Adventures of Supermom®

Prop your feet up, grab a beer and read a book.
{Instead of selfies I take footies.}

I’ve been taking care of my Ninja Gurl since she had her tonsils and adenoids out and it’s been tiring.  I am still in shock about how well she sleeps after surgery!  Now if I could STOP watching her sleep then I might be able to sleep!  {weird mom thing}

Her tonsils and adenoids must have been in really icky shape because I do not remember a time where I didn’t hear her sleep.

Always with her mouth open sounding like Darth Vader.

{deep breathing}

And restless sleeping!

So anyway, I could use a cold beer and my book to rest.  Oh, and a beach and ocean.  Since that’s not happening at the moment I thought just have fond memories of my vacation.  Assorted pictures of my piggies in the sand.  I miss you ocean and sand.  Do you miss me?

Folly Beach

GoMacro Review and {All about!}

GoMacroI secretly took a box of MacroBar Minis on vacation with us so I could feed them to the crew on the road when I heard “I’m hungry” on our four hour drive.  We ALL know I heard it within fifteen minutes of leaving the house!!!

They were a hit!  I was happy that I could give my kids {and spouse} a good for you bar that was like a treat and they were YUMMY!  GoMacro send me a box that was mixed with all sorts of yummy flavors and they were all going through the box trying to find their favorites or TRY THEM ALL!

{Yes, I did get my secret stash before giving them the box.  Duhhh!}

We all liked the texture of the bars and even though they were small they did tide you over.

Superdad has two favorites!  Balanced Goodness {granola + coconut} and Morning Harvest {apples + walnuts}!!!  

I cannot wait to try ALL the flavors!!

You will love these bars. 

The Adventures of Supermom®’s family does!

More about GoMacro.

GoMacro believes in feeling good about what we eat. How it tastes, how it's made and how it sustains the environment. Family-owned and based in a small rural community, our wholesome food maintains goodness on all levels.

MacroBars boast a variety of flavors, with different textures and ingredient combinations including nut-free and high-protein options. Our food is carefully crafted using the highest quality ingredients to provide protein, nutrients and slow-burning carbs for sustained energy throughout the day. The result is a satisfying treat perfect for everyone.

Small in size but big on impact, we are a big picture company.


Our Values

How it tastes, how it’s made, and how it sustains the environment.
Family owned and based in a small rural community, our wholesome food maintains goodness on all levels. Small in size but big on impact, we are a big picture company.

GoMacro believes in feeling good about what we eat.

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The Adventures of Supermom®Only 205 more pages to read of my book.

The history of my belly.
I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Crap! I've been thinking today was Wednesday!!! I hate when that happens.

Walked 1.36 miles pushing the stroller. Rough and brutal but I did it. My hip and leg are hurting. Ugh!

Just made it home. Took Ninja Gurl to get potato soup from O'Charley's and then a quick trip to Target. Somehow they talked me into bow and arrows. {scratching head} Then I walked 1.2 miles. Then had a piece of pie. ha ha

Man. Didn't notice time until now. Putting book down. Night.

I just walked 1.2 miles and added weights this time. IE: pushing a stroller with Ninja Gurl in it. ‪#‎wasnteasy‬ ‪#‎butididit‬ ‪#‎1supermom‬

Planning lunch with my high heel sister Marlene for next week. Now to scope out restaurants!!! The place I WANTED to go only does dinner. Sniff sniff. Chef Katie Button please open The Nightbell just for us ladies. We could have Girl's Lunch Out but only if YOU join us. ‪#‎weloveyouKatieButton‬ ‪#‎asheville‬ ‪#‎food‬

So who went out and bought Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee today?? Superdad went to Barnes & Noble this morning and bought a copy.

Goodness gracious. I found a picture of me after too much wine doing ninja moves. ‪#‎imnotperfect‬ ‪#‎neversaidiwas‬ Now we know where Ninja Gurl got her skillz.

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. ~ Marilyn Monroe

I told my friend Linda that I was trying to cut my coffee back...I did only have one cup of coffee yesterday however I sent her a text telling her that I may have to start drinking wine in the morning now. ‪#‎whateverworks‬

Just had to use the MOMMY voice to make Ninja take her meds!! Half an hour later - she finally took them.

Michelle you are not allowed to stay up until 2 am reading!!!!! I mean it.

Michelle if you don't put your book down - Dragonfly in Amber - you will never go to sleep.

After walking 1 1/2 miles I took a nap. Yawn.

Ninja Gurl is playing on the computer. Superdad and Lovely O are running errands and getting lots of yummy food from Del Vecchios. We've not had a decent meal since Wednesday because we don't want to eat in front of NG. I want all of us to have a full belly at bedtime. NG has been eating scrambled eggs since last night. She's in a lot of pain but such a trooper! I love her.

Watched first episode of Saving Grace on Netflix.
I love Holly Hunter and the show.

Up. I think four hours sleep. Ninja Gurl is coloring beside me on the air mattress with Uncle Grandpa on Netflix. Weirdest show ever!
She's in a lot of pain but such a trooper.

I really want that chocolate bar in the kitchen but Ninja Gurl is sleeping so soundly next to me. Like peanut butter and jelly.
Who will come bring it to me???
I'm starving!! We've not been eating in front of Ninja Gurl.

The Adventures of Supermom®Ninja Gurl has never slept so soundly before!!!! I could cry.
She is asleep beside me on an air mattress in the living room.
It will be so nice not to see bags under her eyes or dark circles.

My Ninja Gurl doesn't feel good. I cry because I cannot help her.
She told me.
Thank you for everything you are doing.
Sobbing. I love her so much.

They just took my baby back for surgery. ‪#‎thisiswheresupermomcries‬

Folly Beach Vacation {2015}

We’ve gone to Folly Beach almost every year the past decade and for that we are thankful.  We are thankful for the company that sends us every year and we are thankful for a pillow to rest our head that’s full of sand and salt.  Our head not the pillow.  {gentle smile}

It has given us lots of amazing memories and it’s something that our children remember and we have the best time watching them boogie board in the ocean.

They laugh and get lots of freckles.  The children.  Not the ocean.

This year at Folly Beach we had a relaxing time, for me it’s like time really does stop.  We stayed in a beautiful rental house this year that was steps away from the ocean and sand.  JUST STEPS!  It was amazing!

Watching Ninja Gurl and Lovely O and Handsome B ride the waves was the best part.  That and naps every day!  Eating meals with my family.  Seeing my favorite lighthouse out of the kitchen window.  Cold beer.  The jacuzzi.  And all those damn pelicans!  I’ve never seen so many birds in my life at the beach before.  They were stunning to see, so prehistoric, just like you’d imagine dinosaurs to look like.  Playing with our granddaughter.  Rocking her to sleep on the beach.  Seafood!!!!!!!  Charleston. 


Here are my vacation pics.  Enjoy.

Much love,

Folly Beach
My bed.  See the ocean right out my window?

Schneider Pens {A colorful review!}


I love pens!!!  I really do and I know that everyone else feels the same because we ALL have a favorite pen to write with.  I do and I know that my husband does too. 

When my Schneider Pens came in the mail I was surprised because I don’t think I’ve ever used that brand before.

I love them!

I love how they felt in my hands!!  They have this rubbery texture that made writing for a longer length very easy on my fingers.  It was a pleasant surprise!  It wrote very smooth and the colors were bright and clear, no CLUMPS!!!!  I didn’t even notice a bleeding through the page to show on the back.

I’m so glad that I found these pens.

Let's CELEBRATE Roald Dahl's Matilda & Mischief and Mayhem books!
{Includes a fun giveaway #Matilda!}

Roald Dahl MatlidaEveryone has read a book written by Roald Dahl or seen a movie adapted from one of his books.  Let me give you a hint of ONE I know you will recognize or I could give you a golden ticket for your correct guess.


Roald Dahl is an amazing author and I am tickled to share two of his great books with you and host a fun giveaway!


My girls LOVE Matilda and laugh at her mischievous prankster ways plus she is a book lover.  What’s not to like?

Roald DahlAbout Matilda Wormwood:

She went to Africa with Ernest Hemingway and to India with Rudyard Kipling. She traveled all over the world while sitting in her little room in an English village.

"Her own small bedroom now became her reading-room and there she would sit and read most afternoons, often with a mug of hot chocolate beside her."

Matilda's parents are stupid and nasty and fail to see the potential in their gifted daughter; they think she should be watching more TV and reading fewer books! Matilda's headmistress Miss Trunchbull is even more horrible and dislikes small children. Luckily Matilda is an incredibly clever child with a mind that can move things, and a few tricks up her sleeve.

Roald Dahl

"I've always said to myself that is a little pocket calculator can do it why shouldn't I?" 
Matilda Wormwood

Ninja Gurl lost her tonsils and adenoids.

After throwing up twice in my bed, on Sophie, on my phone and pillows and stuffed animals all is better now.

It’s been a busy few days taking care of our sweet sweet Ninja Gurl.  I had been dreading this procedure ever since it was scheduled but didn’t realize how much until the night before when I was tossing and turning in bed.

It all went well and now Ninja is resting at home.

The first night I just watched her sleep because I was afraid that if I went to sleep she may need me.  I know that’s not a rational thought but I was one worried mommy.  In fact it was the quietest that I’ve ever heard her sleep for as long as I can remember.  Kind of reminds me when you first bring your newborn baby home and you feel under their nose to see if they are STILL breathing.

I’m glad that it’s all over now and all that is left is to recover.  I’ve spent two nights on an air mattress with NG but tonight we are moving back to the bedroom.

I think it is safe by now.

Where is that waterproof mattress cover?

Only In Asheville by Marla Hardee Milling

Only in Asheville by Marla Hardee Milling
Only in Asheville - An Eclectic History
By Marla Hardee Milling

I love Asheville, North Carolina.  I love being NATIVE to Asheville, North Carolina.  These days it appears to be a rare event when you run across a native.  I even married a native!  We wouldn’t raise our four children anywhere else.

Asheville is home.  I have family in Leicester {Pronounced LESTER if you are from around here} and my husband’s family is spread out from North Asheville to Candler.  Yes, I do talk all southern too and it gets more pronounced when I am out in Lester with my family.

I enjoy seeing and reading books about my little town.  Whether it’s history with amazing black and white photos of the area or books about current Asheville and this book is all about the eclectic history of Asheville and do we have a lot of that.

It’s pretty neat that no matter when I am downtown or on any street I always come across something pretty cool that I haven’t seen before.  It really is fun!  It’s also fun for the kids!

More about this book:

Arcadia Publishing and The History Press is pleased to announce the publication of Only in Asheville: An Eclectic History by Marla Hardee Milling. 

New Local Book Dives into the Unique Culture of Asheville

Only in Asheville is the newest addition to The History Press. The book is by local author, Marla Hardee Milling.

A unique blend of visionaries, risk takers and creative souls lends energy to Asheville’s historic streets. Today, bohemian street performers, funky shops, exquisite art galleries, restaurants and craft breweries blend in among some of the most revered vintage architecture in the country. Discover quirky figures like a “nun” named Sister Bad Habit, who entertains passengers on the LaZoom bus; the “Man in White” living statue; and Asheville’s Village Witch. Be inspired by innovative dreamers such as Julian Price, who invested millions in the once-desolate downtown Asheville, giving money to an eclectic mix of restaurateurs and shop owners. Author Marla Milling traces the people and places that make her hometown a truly unique city.

About the Author
Marla Hardee Milling is a full-time writer in Asheville and a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA). More than 750 of her articles and essays have appeared in many publications including Blue Ridge Country, where she is a contributing editor; Luxury Living; Parenting; Redbook; Our State; WNC; American Style; NICHE and others. She spent ten years as a news producer at WLOS-TV in Asheville and six years as director of communications at Mars Hill College.

**I wasn't paid to post this and the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.  I was sent a FREE copy of the book so I could tell you all about it.**

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The Adventures of Supermom®

You're NOT getting a band-aid unless you are gushing blood so stop hopping on one foot with that little scratch! Eyeroll.

Home from vacation.
Sobbing! I miss the ocean! I miss the sand! I miss it all!

Recent text to my husband.
I'm not moving for the rest of the day. I'm not even going to feed the girls. So there.
I mean it. Ha ha.

Yeah, I lost respect for the list with I reached #4.
The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
Seriously I thought about sending flowers and gift baskets to those in my small book club that were trying to read this book BECAUSE I picked the book.
It was tragically AWFUL!!!!!!!!
Just shit I tell ya!
Just my two cents.

Just baked a chicken, sautéed some asparagus, boiled some corn. Sliced a couple kiwis, bowl of grapes and a delicious cheese that paired perfectly with everything. I'm full. So much for my diet.

The other day when Lovely O was terribly sick she told me she wished a bird would poop on her head. I asked why. She replied, "because it's good luck and it would make me feel better". I love her so much. I am thankful she is feeling better.

Last Friday I had the extreme pleasure of going out with two amazing ladies for drinks and food and chocolate. I realized that we didn't get a picture of all three of us together so I made one. In memory of Friday night. Laurrell and Linda, thank you for spending time with me. I'd even like one of those blackberry drinks again.

I dreamed that I was dating Marilyn Manson. Nodding. It was a nice dream. Odd. But nice. ‪#‎marilynmanson‬ ‪#‎dreams‬ Do they know something I don't know?

My. Kids. Are. Driving. Me. Crazy.

I spotted a rare bird today. I mean me. On my walk I ended up at the lake where we live. I never walk there. It was nice. I even saw a turtle on the branch and a baby turtle swimming around. Counted lily pads and dragonflies.

I was going to clean house today until.....I saw season 3 of Orange is the New Black on Netflix. ‪#‎whocaresifmyhouseisdirty‬

I feel like Kramer on the plane jumping around trying to get the water out of my ear.

I wish I was as smart as my kids think I am. They ask me a million questions a day! They must think I am a genius. Said NO PARENT EVER!

I've already heard I'm bored and it's only first day of summer break. Gasp.

I just finished watching Gossip Girl. I give it TWO thumbs up and eight fingers!!! I really enjoyed it. Now I will miss Blair and Chuck. Sobbing.

Home from vacation.
Sobbing! I miss the ocean! I miss the sand! I miss it all!

We returned from vacation on Saturday, July 4th and I'm trying to get prepared for Ninja Gurl’s surgery on Thursday.  {tonsils coming out}

I’ve unpacked and gotten the laundry almost caught up, if you can ever really get laundry caught up.

{Insert hilarious laugh here with that thought.}

Today I HOPE {really HOPE} to get caught up with The Adventures of Supermom®’s email and open all the boxes that arrived last week to get the reviews in order and such.

I need a vacation because of my vacation.


See!  That proves it!  I cannot even spell badly!!

I will leave you with ONE picture from Folly Beach 2015 with my whole family, including sweet sweet baby!

Folly Beach
Supermom, Superdad, the four Superkids and now a Superbaby.

Don’t worry because I will post them all as soon as I catch my breath.

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Family-friendly Attractions in Florida


When you say Florida, what usually comes to mind? The Sunshine State is the most ideal tourist destination for families who are looking for sunshine, culture, and beaches. Thanks to its beautiful weather, you can enjoy the Sunshine State’s sandy shores all year round.

But if you don’t really feel like hitting the beach, you can also visit the theme parks, educational attractions, or check out the forts that are almost a century old. If you are planning spend your holidays in the Sunshine State, here’s a list of the top 10 attractions that can definitely add fun to your vacation.

1. Universal Studios Orlando

Your trip to Florida won’t be complete if you haven’t visited a single theme park. One of the most popular attractions in the state is the Universal Studios in Orlando. This vast and colorful park brings to life all your favorite movies. Classics like Jaws and Terminator have are recreated as rides. They also feature other popular flicks such as the Ghostbusters and Shrek. The theme park is filled with costumed actors make the experience more authentic.

2. Walt Disney World

If you have kids, you’ve probably watched all the movies from the House of Mouse and even sang along to their catchy soundtracks. The Walt Disney World offers a fresh take on all your beloved Disney films. This vast complex features numerous theme parks, hotels, and even golf courses. Your kids can take pictures with the most beloved Disney princesses, visit Cinderella’s iconic castle, or explore Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The adults, meanwhile, can relax in numerous spas and fitness centers found inside the complex. There are also sports and recreation venues to keep you in shape during the holidays.

3. Key West

If you wanted to learn more about history, then one of the places that you should visit is Key West. In this city, you can visit their large aquarium, armory, and tropical garden. The city has preserved Ernest Hemingway’s house and you can explore it via a guided tour.

4. South Beach

This is one of the most popular sandy destinations in Florida. Located in the southern part of Miami Beach, this tourist spot is well-developed and is lined with resorts and restaurants. South Beach also features parks and cultural hotspots such as the Miami Holocaust Museum and the World Erotic Art Museum.

What are the places that you would like to visit in Florida? Feel free to join the discussion in the comments!

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Joyohboy Books {raising peaceful kids}

Joyohboy BooksJust a minute ago my seven year old daughter was sitting on the bed reading three books that had come in the mail.  I was touched because we can relate to these books because this is something we teach our children every day; to show gratitude and to show love and kindness.  The messages these books tell are wonderful and I'm so thrilled that I get to share them with my girls. 

Joyohboy books, a series of storybooks that help raise children to be mindful. Written by educator Kathy Walsh, these books teach children how to be thankful, let go of negative feelings, and see life through the lens of love.

It’s so nice to see my Ninja Gurl reading these new books and enjoy them.

More about the books we received in the mail.

Joyohboy BooksGratitude Is a Funny Thing

“Gratitude is a Funny Thing” encourages children to live each day with gratitude and how to learn to listen to their intuition. By being appreciative of everything around them, they will find that they see the world as a more beautiful place, which will in turn, make their own lives much happier.