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Xo, G Wine is PERFECT for moms {and dads} especially now that school is out. A Review you will love to drink.

Xo, G WineI am the only wine drinker in the house so I shy away from opening a bottle of wine unless I am having company because I don’t want a nice bottle to go to waste.  I just poured out half a bottle of bubbly down the sink the other day with a frown.

Then something amazing happened!! 

I was sent two bottles of Xo, G Wine to try!!!  Individual cups!!  Oh my goodness!!!  I can drink wine at home now without having company!  I can enjoy a glass while secretly hiding from my kids reading a book! 


Now that school is out I will be enjoying lots of mommy time with Xo, G Wine!

Thank you Giuliana Rancic!!!  All moms are bowing down to you.

Xo, G Wine

More about Xo, G Wine.

It goes without saying, that every mom needs that one hour or even just a few minutes to themselves to unwind after the kids have gone to bed. Between juggling carpools, soccer practice, work, dinner and cleaning sometimes a mom just needs that one glass of wine at the end of a hard day.   Xo, G Wine is every Mom’s perfect solution to that much needed at-home mommy happy hour!

Each bottle consists of four pre filled, individually sealed, shatterproof, stemless wine glasses that snap together to form a perfect equivalent of a 750mL bottle. Perfect for those moms who want just ONE glass but don’t want to worry about spoiling an entire bottle.  The dilemma that comes each night with deciding to open up a bottle of wine: 1. Do you keep drinking more than just the glass so you don’t waste the full bottle or 2. Do you just end up pouring the rest of the bottle out 5 days later because you haven’t had time to enjoy another glass since you first opened: Xo, G’s portioned servings are the key to solving this problem!!

Whether you’re in the mood for a dry Rosé, crisp Pinot Grigio, smooth Pinot Noir or sweet Moscato, Xo, G wine will satisfy any mom’s craving. Tasty yet affordable, Xo, G also eliminates the inconvenience of corkscrews and dirty glasses, the last thing any hard working momma wants to deal with after winding down. And for those worried about broken glass, Xo,G is made of the recyclable packaging, Vinoware™ – a container that emulates the tasteful look and feel of a wine glass coupled by the durability of plastic.

Xo, G Wine

Xo, G retails for under $10 and is available at select Walmart locations nationwide.

**I was not paid to post this and the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.  I was sent two FREE bottles so I could tell you all about this amazing wine.**

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