They're Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack #TT
{Throwback Thursday}

Pokemon Cards are everywhere! 

Kids are carrying them in special cases or just a stack with a rubber band wrapped around them.  They are battling and then crying for more cards.

Waaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, we want more Pokemon cards.

Life’s hard, deal with it.  I’m not buying those cards until you remember the manners you’ve been taught and REMEMBER how to clean up for yourself AND WHEN THAT HAPPENS I will agree to buy you a SMALL pack at the end of the month.

Like the CHEAPEST pack I can find at the drug store down the road.

That’s how I buy the cards.

Needless to say I haven’t really had to buy anymore.

I’m not sure what that says about me as a parent or what it says about the girls. 

{gentle smile}

I remember when my son had Pokemon cards and then there were Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  A spinoff collect a card TV show like Pokemon. 

Ninja Gurl loves her Pokemon cards and she pretty much has then with her 24-7.  One day she came with me to physical therapy and got into a deep discussion about Pokemon with Chris my physical therapist.  {In all honesty I think Ninja Gurl has a crush on him because he teases her so.}  Chris asked Ninja if she had her own Pokemon card and then he started calling her PrinnJa.  Because she is a princess and totally a NINJA!

So what’s a devoted mom to do?

She makes her PrinnJa her very own Pokemon card.

It started with me drawing a picture on what I thought she would look like. 

{I drew this one night in bed on a post-it.}

The Adventures of Supermom®

Then I used a photo edit program to fill in the pieces.


Then I found a “Make Your Own Pokemon Card” site on the awesome WWW.


I’m totally cool like that!

{Now I must make Lovely O one.}