Summer vacation is making me CrAzY!!!

The Adventures of Supermom®
This one time at band one was home and I sat in the hammock.

I have tried to sit down so many times and type up a post because my blog has turned into a bunch of reviews one after another because they are scheduled to post weeks in advance.

Giving me time to write my usual posts about life and the kids or share a recipe.

Until now.


{IE: The kids are home.}

I’ve hear mommy, mom, momma, mommy, mom, mom, poke poke on my shoulder, mommy, mooooommmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, mmmmoooooooooommmmmmmmmmm over one million times.

I’m going to need my own summer vacation to recover from this summer vacation.

It’s just crazy.

Since school has been out there have been appointments, play dates, half day summer camp for a week, company and this house is literally upside down.

Piles here, piles there, everywhere I walk I see a pile or I trip over one.

It’s driving me freaking batty.

So much so that I even braved the girls room to clean out Ninja’s dresser. 

{shaking my head}

Yikes, I was very scared.  {ha ha}

I even cleaned up in the basement some.

What is wrong with me?

At first I was depressed, really depressed, that my schedule was being changed.  A person that is depressed and has a boat load on anxiety likes a certain pace and enjoys things going smoothly every day and every day is pretty much planned out.

Then throw in three kids, sometimes four kids, or six kids or seven kids and a baby mixed into my quiet day or reading, or crocheting, or cleaning the house or watching TV or trying to enjoy the silence and BOOM it does things to you.

Weird things.

Makes you get all jumpy.  Makes you want to cry.  Makes you go into a hole that scares you.


It.  Is.  NOT.  FUN.

Makes you not care that you haven’t brushed your teeth or taken a bath.  And it makes you not really care that you are tripping over piles and that the kitchen still has yesterdays dishes on the counter but you are to freaking tired to empty the clean dishes out to put the dirty ones in.  You don’t care that there’s crap {and it is crap} all over the place.

You just shrug, make yourself a cup of coffee {not caring if the coffee cup is dirty or clean} and sit down to binge on Netflix.

Yeah, I was there.

Now I am fighting my way back.  I’m trying to encourage everyone to clean up their stuff.  For once I’d love to walk into a room, any room, and find it the way I left it.  Like no dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, the kitchen counters clean of stuff, the living room pillows on the couch instead of the floor and for once I’d love to not see piles where piles don’t belong.

{They are spreading}

I’m cleaning up.  I’ve found my happy place dammit and it’s going to stay that way. 

Today I am going to fold all of the clean laundry and get all of the dirty laundry gathered, I am going to dust!, I’m going to vacuum, and I may even mop, I am going to arrange our house the way it should be. 

The way it used to be.

At one point you could eat off of my floors they were so clean.

It.  Will.  Be.  That.  Way.  Again.


{Thanks for reading my lil pep talk to myself.}

I hope that you are enjoying summer!  We’ve been chugging along.  My Mamaw turned 85!!!!  Makes me smile all over.  I saw her yesterday out at the old homestead and it was lovely.  Relatives are in town and we had a nice visit. 

Ninja Gurl is getting her tonsils out first of July.  Big pouty face here.  She has no idea how painful this will be but I remember, I remember taking care of my son when he had his out at five years old.  It makes me terribly sad because I know that she will be in a lot of pain and there’s nothing I can really do to help her.  I figured that I would set up camp in our living room for her recovery because it is the coolest room in our house because we have one of those portable air conditioners in there.  Hmm, I wonder if I should get a blow-up mattress for in there because it would be a lot for comfortable than sleeping on that couch???  I will make myself a note about that.

Lots going on.

One thing I do know.

I love spending all this time with my kids and I will be terribly sad when school starts.

Ironic huh?