Simple Sugars Vanilla Grapefruit Body Scrub - Beauty Brands Exclusive!
{A Review just in time for Summer.}

Simple Sugars

Now that summer is almost here everyone is wearing shorts, summer dresses and looking for the perfect bathing suit for the beach.  That means it’s time for body scrubs to smooth and soften our skin.  Right? 

Problem solved. 

I was asked to give Simple Sugars Vanilla Grapefruit Body Scrub, availability exclusively at Beauty Brands, a try.  I also have sensitive skin and cannot use most products out there so I was nervous and excited and nervous that I would break out.  However Simple Sugars is all-natural, made especially for sensitive skin, but ideal for anyone who wants to achieve super soft, supple skin for their face or entire body. 

I love this body scrub!  My skin loves this body scrub.  I'm so happy that my sensitive skin loves Simple Sugars. 

Simple Sugars

Simple Sugars Vanilla Grapefruit Body Scrub offers the incredibly refreshing scent of vanilla and grapefruit in a decadent body treatment. Specially formulated to treat even the most sensitive skin, this all-natural body scrub gently exfoliates skin while deeply moisturizing. You'll get super-soft, smooth skin without using additional lotion or moisturizers. Use this exfoliating body treatment daily to simplify your skincare regimen, or offer the sweet scrub to family or friends the body scrub arrives in an adorable box with bow.


- Grapefruit and vanilla scent
- Gently exfoliates and deeply moisturizes
- Softens and smooths
- Nourishes and firms
- Simplifies skincare routine by eliminating need for additional moisturizers
- Suitable for sensitive skin
- For daily use
- Packaged in box with bow

Here’s a quick note for best results: When you open the jar, give the scrub a good stir with the included spoon to distribute the oils, which rise to the surface.   Then just scoop out a little in your hand and add a bit of water to help smooth the scrub onto skin.  Scrub until the sugar has disintegrated then rinse.

Simple Sugars Vanilla Grapefruit Body Scrub leaves skin incredibly soft and refreshed.

I’m excited to tell you that my sensitive skin loved this sugar scrub!  It made my skin feel amazingly soft and the scent in the bath was just yummy.   And NO breakouts!!!  I’m so glad that I know about this wonderful product.  I cannot wait to wear all my summer clothes to show off my amazing skin.

Simple Sugars
Lani Lazzari
Read Lani Lazzari's story how she created and founded Simple Sugars:

Simple Sugars began in December of 2005, when my mom decided that we would have a homemade Christmas and insisted that my brothers and I make the holiday gifts that we wanted to give to family and friends.

Since I was a baby I have had very sensitive skin and have been prone to eczema breakouts. I have never been able to use a commercially produced product without experiencing skin irritation or a major rash. So, I decided to make an all-natural product that would be safe for very sensitive skin like mine, would be fun to use and smell great too. I did lots of research, came up with my formulation, gave my scrubs out to family and friends, all of whom clamored for more and Simple Sugars was born!

Simple Sugars has grown a lot since then and so has my passion for all-natural skin care. I like to tell people, “If you wouldn't eat it, then you probably have no business putting it on your skin!”

Simple Sugars

You can find this Simple Sugars Vanilla Grapefruit Body Scrub exclusively at Beauty Brands.  Check them out on Facebook, and Twitter.

**I wasn’t paid to post this and the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.  I was sent a FREE jar to review so I could tell you all about it.**