Phebe-n-Me {A Very Wearable Review}


We are dog lovers!  Dogs are just awesome.  I want to be the person my dog thinks I am and I want to be as smart as my children think I am since they DO ask me a million questions a day.  Sophie, our Yorkie Poo, is such a big part of our life.  An awesome part of our life. 

There’s nothing like the love of a dog.  Right?

Phebe-n-MeI know that my day wouldn’t be complete if Sophie didn’t curl up in my lap while I crochet or while I am reading and I know my night wouldn’t be complete without her curling up in the nook of my arm when it’s time for bed.

I was so happy when I opened an amazing box of goodies from Phebe-n-Me and so was Sophie because Lorena added some special dog treats!  Sophie was in hog heaven, or dog heaven as they say.


My girls love their shirts and slept in them that night!  I wore my tee the very next day and I received so many compliments!  These one of a kind shirts relate to everyone that has a pet or has had a pet in their lifetime.  {love}



Lorena creates from her heart and it shows and she is proud to wear her heart on her sleeve.  I hope that you take a moment to look around because I know that you will find something perfect for you or someone that you know. 

I cannot wait to write a note so I can use the note cards that she sent however I will be sad to send one of my cards because I love them all.  Lorena, I will send you a note and then we can write back and forth with your beautiful cards!  {nodding}  That would be pretty awesome.  I’m game if you are.

So go on over to Phebe-n-Me and check out the great assortment of products.   Long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, sweat shirts, organic cotton bibs, organic cotton onesies, baseball caps, canvas totes, mugs, note cards and even hand dyed shirts.

More about Phebe-n-Me:

Phebe-n-MeAt Phebe and me, each shirt is hand drawn by the “me” in Phebe-n-Me. A graphic designer and artist, Lorena began drawing Phebe when she came home as an 8 week old puppy. Her many antics left her laughing and inspired several drawings of her adventures with Phebe and her friends.

Today most t-shirts are mass-produced and hardly original. But here, each shirt is drawn, then drawn again, until the image is just right. With the help of her sisters, the “specialty shirts” are hand dyed, and each one is a unique work of art of it’s own. Phebe-n-Me is a family affair based on the creativity of sisters, and the love of family and friends. Phebe knew how to bring out the best in people, and we hope that you find the same is true for you. Each shirt is hand drawn, hand silk screened, and hand dyed. Quality is important to us and we hope you enjoy your shirt as much as we enjoyed making it.


At Phebe-n-Me giving back is part of our mission. A portion of our sales goes to non-profit groups dedicated to saving animals from terrible situations. We have donated to auctions, designed custom products to help raise funds and donated cash in pursuit of this ideal. Our list will grow as we grow and our goal is to help as many animals as we can along the way.

I look forward to wearing my shirt for as much as I can!!!!  I may need to get one for every day of the week!!!  Hmm, now that's an idea.  

**I wasn't paid to post this and the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.  I was sent three FREE shirts, note cards and treats for Sophie.**


Aussie1 said…
I've always wanted a pen pal Michelle. But will you be able to mail the note card off again after you just got it back?
Supermom said…
I'm in!!! I will write you!! I've always wanted a pen pal too!!! Just think I can roll one of the cards in the sand soon while I am on vacation to mail you!

It'll be like you were there........almost. You'd have to use your imagination.

Michelle :)

I LOVE MY SHIRT!!!!!!!!!
Aussie1 said…
Perfect! I'll sprinkle the sand on my toes to get that just at the beach feel.

I'll return the favor and maybe drag it through a canal in Venice, or drip some gelato on it when I go on my trip this year. ;-)