My Weekend
{Typed up while enjoying a cup of coffee in this little mug that makes me fondly remember riding It's a Small World over and over with my Mamaw when I was a little girl.}

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After a crazy busy couple of weeks with birthdays and a wedding anniversary and school out for the summer...I thought I would lock the kids outside so I could type up a quick post.

After watching the Mockingjay Part 1 movie I dusted off my book to re-read it.  Well I started the book where the part 1 movie ended.  All about Peeta and Katniss.  You know, who the whole series is about.  I loved this series!  My friend Twilight Junkie, AKA Marian, is the one who got me hooked.

{smacking a vein}

Team Peeta all the way!  Sure sure Liam is nice on the eyes BUT Peeta is just, well, he’s Peeta. 

My only complaint is why Suzanne Collins came up with a name that sounds like CAT PISS.  Katniss is an awful name and the heroine of The Hunger Games should not sound like cat piss.

Just throwin’ it out there.  A bit late I know but it never hurts to voice an opinion.  Two cents is always needed.  Unsolicited advice can be good at times.

So I’m reading the end of the book and will have it finished by tonight after I feed the kids and make the girls go kicking and screaming into the tub to get their hair washed! 

I hate when I have to do that.  You’d think I was pulling their teeth out.  Trust me, I am not.  I’m only asking them to wash their hair and wash off.  Ugh.

The other day I told someone that school was out on Friday and I would be starting my valium on Monday.  Who can write that script out for me??  Seriously.  Where is Mommy’s Little Helper? 

{searching in the couch cushions}

Back to Twilight Junkie. 

I sent her a message about this new series I want to read and have the first two books all ready to go!  The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  I hear great things about it.  Starz even made a series about it and the first season is still on or has ended until the fall.  I’d have to Google this info to find out if I really want to know. 

{Oh hell, let me look.}

Okay yeah, the first season just ended in May and it renewed for a second season.  I had to skim article because I didn’t want to see anything about the book.

TJ ordered her book so we will start next week when she is finished unpacking for their move.  You’d think she would welcome the break and start the damn book already...but no.  It’s really okay though as I’ve got my nose back in Mockingjay and Out of Africa and and and I want to read The Beautiful and Damned by Fitzgerald since it was mentioned a few times in Gossip Girl.

{hanging head in shame}

I will be blogging all about GG soon.

Very soon.

Very very soon.  {I hope.}

I’m feeling better these days and I like it.  I’m getting out of the house more and contrary to what the people in the house may think, I’m not staying in bed as much as I used to.  In fact I’ve even moved my laptop from the bedroom back to my desk in the living area!

That’s monumental.

Tomorrow is the first day of summer break for the girls and it’s also my Crazy Beautiful H’s 21st birthday!  I went out and picked up a cookie cake for her because she is spending the day here with the sweet sweet baby. 

I love being a Mamaw.


mbl said…
I considered going to the library today to get a head start on it, but I don't have my printer set up so I can prove my new residency. Hence, no break until all the boxes are gone!
Supermom said…
I'm glad you waited because I have to finish up my reading this week of the "others". ha ha

Books that is.

Hurry up and let the kids build some forts with the boxes!