I was so depressed yesterday.
{Anxiety kicks my ass on a daily basis.}

Yesterday I was so depressed!  Everything made me terribly sad and if I wasn’t crying then I wanted to cry.  Perhaps it was lack of sleep because I had been up since 2:30 am when I woke up with a migraine and had to take meds.  It was awful.

Then I had to run around all day.  Target: Bought a pool for girls to play in outside.  Sunscreen for the mentioned pool and vacation later in the summer.  We ALL know how I am when it comes to sunscreen.  Remember I go through a gallon a day while at the beach on vacation.

{Perhaps I will require MORE now that I think about it.}

Get my son from school.

Cook hot dawgs for friends for dinner then Ninja Gurl went on a sleepover.

Yeah, I was a bumbling mess.

It could have also been that my daughter turned 21 too.  I doubt it but you never know.  All that and her being a mother herself.  Then my Mamaw not feeling well.  There is so much on me right now.

I’m feeling better though so that counts for something right?

My Reading Buddy 2012
Caught reading Mockingjay in 2012.
I did finish reading Mockingjay Part 1 where the movie stopped.  It was so touching and there were things I had totally forgotten about.  I even read the very ending twice, when they come home and all.  It really did make me think about the whole book series again.  Ben and me are going to watch the last movie in theaters when it comes out in November fo sho.

If it’s still playing in your area and you can see it before it gets gone then you MUST GO SEE The Age of Adaline with Blake Lively!  Oh em gee.  That’s actually a movie I’d own the DVD of and that’s rare for me.  I’d gladly add it to my collection with The Great Gatsby, Cloud Atlas and Love Actually.  Yeah, I don’t buy DVDs. I could name a few more I’d actually own if I was inclined to buy them.  Nahhh, I just don’t have to own things like that.  {shrug}  I’m odd I guess.

What’s the one movie that you can watch over and over and over and over again?