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Yookidoo Baby & Toddler Products now at Babies R Us!!

Yorkidoo Lights 'N' Music FUN BALL

Yay!  Baby toys!  Just when I thought that I was through that stage for a little bit - I become a GRANDMOTHER!  Funny how things work out. 

I love being a grandmother.

I love baby clothes and I love looking at baby toys!  It’s all so new to me even though Ninja Gurl is seven years old.


I’m so glad that Yookidoo sent my sweet sweet baby a Lights ‘N’ Music FUN BALL because she loves it!  It was really fun watching her with the baby toy. 

More information about Yookidoo Baby & Toddler products.

Yookiedoo celebrating discovery

Lights N Music Fun
• Motion activated soft ball - rolling or shaking activates lights and fun music - teaches cause and effect.
• Stimulates movement by encouraging babies to roll the ball and crawl after it.
• Light and easy-to-grasp - perfect for small hands

Yorkidoo Lights 'N' Music FUN BALL

Yorkidoo Lights 'N' Music FUN BALL

Other great baby and toddler toys by Yookidoo!

* Stack ‘N’ Spray Tub Fountain: Water-jet powered fun in the tub!

* Crawl ‘N’ Go Snail, Musical battery-operated snail rolls along and spins his shell as he goes!

* Stack Flap ‘N’ Tumble, Amazing, engaging fun that really stacks up!
* Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout
* Pull Along Whistling Duck whistles and sings as your toddler pulls it along.

**I wasn’t paid to post this.  I was sent a FREE toy for my granddaughter to enjoy.**

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