The TEN Best Things to Buy at Trader Joe’s
{SAYS The Adventures of Supermom®}

Trader Joe's Michelle Lee Asheville

Before Trader Joe’s came to Asheville, North Carolina we would hit a few of them when we traveled out of town like Charlotte and Greenville.  It was such a novelty and we had to try this and we had to try that and that and then that again.  It was rather cute.  Kind of Fresh Market cute, a store where you can’t buy all your groceries from type cute.

Then it wore off...the cuteness...when one came to Asheville.  It’s even on MY side of town but I still only venture in one a month!!!  {that’s all you really need}  I love going to Trader Joe’s but the newness has worn off and I only go in for a few things.  I have compiled a list of TEN things that you most definitely will find in my cart if you catch me at TJ’s.

I’ll go ahead and tell you my FAVORITE thing first to buy so I can get it off my chest and move on to the rest of the list!!!! {I have a collage of pictures below so you can see the products.}

** Trader Joe's Moisturizing Cream Shave Honey Mango **

This is the BEST shave cream you will ever use on your body and once you have tried it YOU WILL NEVER LOOK BACK!  I promise.  I have even told this to all my girlfriends!  It’s not expensive and the one bottle will last you a very very very long time.  BEST STUFF EVER!!!!!!!! 

** Three Cheese Pomodoro Pasta Sauce **

I buy two or three of these at a time!  They are perfect for that day you just want to make the kids a quick and easy pasta but it taste like you spent all day COOKING this delicious sauce.  Yep, this is the sauce for you then.  I have even used this sauce in my lasagna because I wasn’t feeling like making some homemade sauce.  It was DELICIOUS!  A hit with the kids but more importantly a hit with me! 

While you are in that area buying the pasta sauce go ahead a pick up a few bags of...

** Trader Joe's Organic Pasta - Vegetable Radiatore **

This is a really good tasting pasta!  It’s also delicious in homemade mac & cheese!  YUMMY!  Good with pasta sauce and good with just some cheese and olive oil.  Two of my favorites practically sitting next to each other on the shelf.

I call that a sign!

** Chicken Sweet Apple Sausages **

I’ve tried so many brands to find the best chicken sausage that’s yummy to eat alone or paired with a dish and I always keep coming back to Trader Joe’s brand.  It’s just better than the rest.  How’s that for an endorsement?!?!?  The kids love it fried up with some broccoli or even throw it in a bun and voila.  Dinner is served!

This leads me to another favorite.

** Organic Broccoli Florets **

Again, buy two or three bags at once to throw in the freezer.  My motto:

“You can never have enough frozen broccoli!”

or at least it would be my motto if I had one. 

Don’t mix up and get the broccoli that’s not organic because ORGANIC is best and I’ve not had the other kind to tell you my opinion.

Stick to what you know.  {smiling}

** Trader Joe's Ham - Rosemary Sliced **

You’ll find this little gem in the sliced sandwich food fridge section and it’s delish!  Roll it up and enjoy with crackers or put it between two nicely toasted pieces of bread.  Any kind of bread, you pick, just try the ham.  Ham and rosemary go hand in hand.  They complete each other.  You get the drift.

** Gorgonzola Crackers **

I dare you to eat just one or two or four!  You CANNOT!  The perfect amount of butter, cheese and salt all rolled up and baked into this tasty little cracker.  Perfect for a snack and fancy enough for a dinner party.  Promise.  I think I’ll have some now.  {getting cracker crumbs all over my laptop}  Ninja Gurl loves it when I add these to her lunchbox!  Who wouldn’t?!?!?

Speaking about kids, I have four, to feed in the house here are three things that they LOVE!  I love them too or they wouldn’t have made the list.

** Organic Mango Yogurt **

Frozen Yogurt PopsIt’s in a pack of six, those smaller cups, and it’s paired with peach yogurt.  The girls love them!  It’s all I hear about!!  I’ve not found anything similar for them MEANING there isn’t another mango yogurt that I know about that they will eat.  My other daughter has me get the Vanilla and Banana Yogurt Duo in the same small cups.  They’ve even frozen them in the cups to make yogurt popsicles.  AND IT’S ORGANIC!!!!

** Fish Sticks **

Just look for the blue box and if you don’t see it then they are OUT because everyone loves them!  When I see them in stock I will buy two or three boxes.  While they are baking whip up some homemade tartar sauce and cook some sweet corn.  {Organic Sweet Corn can also be bought at TJ’s - I just didn’t have room to add it to my list.  Otherwise it would have been Top 11 Things to Buy at Trader Joe’s.}

Drum roll. 

** Roasted Coconut Chips **

Not the coconut you think about that your grandmother used to bake with, that white tiny flaky stuff that you’d decorate Easter cupcakes with.  This is toasted and bigger pieces.  Perfect for snacking!  I pack it daily in their lunchboxes.  It’s so tasty that I could eat a bag alone at one time.  This sells out quick so buy a few bags when you see it!  Then buy me a few bags too. 

Top Ten Things Trader Joe's

There you have it.  Michelle of The Adventures of Supermom® who lives in Asheville, North Carolina has given you her super secret TOP 10 THINGS to buy at Trader Joe’s. 

Just save enough for me now!

P.S.  I wasn't paid to post this.  Nor was I contacted to make this list.  Heck, I don't even know anyone that works at TJ's.  


Rakewell said…
Hey, Michelle! I'm also a TJ's fan--so much that I write a blog about it, with a new product review every day:
What's more, I'm also in Asheville--and apparently on your end of town, since TJ's is 1.1 miles from my house, just off of Charlotte Street.

Every Saturday I do a special blog post with a bunch of links to stuff about TJ's that I've found that week. I'll be including your post in this week's, so look for it.

Supermom said…
Awesome Bob! Yeah, we live off Merrimon!

I'll go check your blog out!

I may have to add MORE to my list.

Michelle :)
Amethyst Moon said…
I love TJ! I would add their chai tea and a delicious juice with purple carrots in it. Yum! And my dogs love their canned dog food