The Kitchen Challenge Wrapped Up!
How many days of food do you have in your kitchen?

The Adventures of Supermom®

You thought I’d forgotten about this, didn’t you?  I’ve been keeping track on a little notebook in the kitchen.  I really loved doing this challenge because I learned that I could make lots of great meals with not a lot in the kitchen.  It sort of makes “hoarding with coupons” silly to me because I’ve liked NOT having so much in the kitchen.  So much that goes wasted because they’ve gone past their expiration.

My Kitchen Challenge has sort of winded down because we’ve had a cookout {where we bought YUMMY food} and I made a Trader Joe’s run last week.  Fear not because we still have an abundance of instant grits, toasted coconut pancake mix, black eyed peas and friendship bread starter in the kitchen. 

When I last typed up a post I was on Day 22.

Moving on.

Day 23 - We ended up having O’Charley’s for lunch so we had leftovers for dinner.  Me with my four children and granddaughter.  {Yes, I know I am blessed.}

The Adventures of Supermom.

Day 24 - Pasta.

Day 25 - Pizza.

Day 26 - Pinto beans, broccoli and homemade cornbread.

Day 27 - Easter Sunday, brunch out and leftovers for dinner.

Day 28 - Chicken sausage, broccoli and sliced apples.

Day 29 - Chicken, broccoli with mac and cheese.

Day 30 - Black eyed peas, corn, mac & cheese with homemade biscuits.

Day 31 - Leftover mac & cheese, pintos and corn.

Day 32 - Urban Burrito - special treat.

Day 33 - Take out.  I’ve forgotten where.

Day 34 - Leftovers.

Day 35 - Tuna pasta and green beans.

Day 36 - Roast, honey carrots, veggie succotash.

Day 37 - Ninja Gurl’s Birthday so Superdad took her out to eat.  I’m in Charlotte at a town hall meeting with President Obama.

Day 38 - Scrambled eggs with toast.

Day 39 - Take-out from Bellagio’s.  {I was CRAVING it!}

Day 40 - Ben’s Birthday.

Day 41 - Leftovers, Sunday, clean out fridge day.

Day 42 - Broccoli and apple slices.

Day 43 - Leftovers.

Day 44 - Lovely O was sick.  Eggs with toast.

Day 45 - Wraps from Earth Fare.

Day 46 - Take-out.  Superdad wanted Japanese.

Day 47 - Mac & cheese with leftovers.

Day 48 - Hot dogs, baked beans and apple slices.

Day 49 - Pizza with fruit.

There you have it!  I’m sure we could do a solid 40 days without all the take-out and with what’s left in the kitchen but it was time to shop. 

How many days of food do you have in your kitchen?