Summer Punch {A Cocktail}
Created by Michelle of The Adventures up Supermom®

Voga Italia Wines

VOGA Italia Wines emailed me asking if I would create a cocktail using their yummy wine to enter into a contest.  I’m not one to enter contests or ask people to vote in a contest because it’s not my thing however I was intrigued.  I emailed that I would try so they sent me some wine.

{WINE in the MAIL!!!  Like Christmas all over again!}

My first attempt didn’t work. 

So I waited a day and thought more about what I would want in the perfect summer cocktail.


The Adventures of Supermom®

Trust me, I’ve had a basil cocktail before and it was delicious!

Plus, I grow basil to use in my Basil Chocolate Friendship Bread.

Then it hit me.


Oh my goodness.

So I set out to make the perfect cocktail with VOGA Italia Wines that included fresh basil and chocolate.  The fun part about creating a drink is the potential to get tipsy.  {nodding} 

So on the second day I ended up with the perfect cocktail with a secret PUNCH.  TO make sure that it was perfected I had to wait another day to let the tipsiness wear off.  {giggle}

The third day, yesterday, I made it again and I LOVE IT!

I call it Summer Punch {A Cocktail} because it does have a secret “punch”.  I’d stop at two, drink responsibly.

Summer Punch

4 fluid ounces chilled VOGA Italia Moscato
2 fluid ounces chocolate flavored vodka
6 fresh basil leaves
chocolate syrup
ice - if desired 
basil - for garnish

Muddle the 6 basil leaves with VOGA Italia Moscato.  Strain mixture to remove crushed basil leaves.  Add the chocolate vodka.  Stir.  Take any glass and dip rim into chocolate syrup.  Pour cocktail into glass. 

Garnish with basil leaves and add ice if desired.  For an extra treat add some chocolate syrup in the bottom on your glass.

The Adventures of Supermom®


I want to thank VOGA Italia Wines for inviting me to create a fun cocktail with one of their wines because I now have a FAVORITE drink!!!

**I was not paid to post this and the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.  I was sent FREE bottles of wine to use for my cocktail.**