Mother’s Day Post

Happy Mother's Day This was the first year I didn’t have all of my kids under the same roof.  It didn’t hit me until after the day had past that my mother didn't return my call and I realized that I’d forgotten to call my great aunt to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. 


{Let me be quick to mention that I saw my oldest daughter and her family last Friday and I gave my Mamaw and Great Aunt cards that week as well and my mother called me to thank me for her gift.}

So the actual day was quiet.

I woke up to two giggly girls wanting to cook me breakfast and have me open their gifts.  It was awesome.  English muffins with butter and an apple peeled and sliced by daddy.  Just what I wanted.  While they were off getting ready for church in their new summer clothes I drifted back to sleep only to wake up again at 11:30 am to a very quiet house.

It was nice to walk around in my nightgown feeling my bare feet on the hardwood floor holding a hot cup of coffee.  This walk led me to my porch.  I watched a mommy bird feed her babies and I just “was”. 

I can look around and know that this is home and that there are children that live here.  Without stepping over toys I can see a house full of love.  It’s the fingerprints on the walls, the sticky spot on the floor and the mysterious spot on the couch and it’s the floor that always needs to be vacuumed and the clothes that need to be washed.

There’s so much to being a mother.  A behind the scenes of where we will run in our undies trying to find our coffee and when we use spit to clean their faces and when we chase them around the house spraying them with a water hose for tricking you. 

I’ve even unplugged the phone cord from the wall turning the cordless phone off for a teen talking PAST bedtime. 

I’ve flushed the toilet to get a teen out of the shower. 

I’ve lied when asked if there are anymore cookies!! 

AND HELL YES I have hidden the last damn ice cream sandwich for myself!!

I’ve let my kids make their own almond butter sandwich for dinner to go with whatever else they could reach in the kitchen. 

{hanging head} AND on a busy day, wiping them off with a wipe and changing their undies counts as a BATH.

I want to thank my children for forgiving me for cold showers, no phone, pancakes for dinner, hiding the last cookie and perhaps forgetting to leave out the “Tooth Fairy” money and making me feel like the best mom in the world.  I guess I haven’t screwed up too badly.

I also want to add that I’m sorry to the one that I lost that they weren’t here to celebrate with me and their siblings.  I do wonder what you would have looked like.  Would you have freckles like me?   Would you have your daddy’s blue eyes or my green ones?  Would you have been a boy or a girl?

You’d be getting ready for finals and you’d be graduating high school in a few short weeks.  Would you have gone off for college or would you have gone to UNCA with your sister? 

Know that you would have been loved by so many.  I look forward to meeting you when the time comes. 

{clearing throat} 

So this past Mother’s Day I hope you were able to lie about bedtime so you had that little bit of extra quiet time.