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French Press + Sweater Dress = Frenchie
{humor me, it's easier}

Wooly Clouds CrochetingI'm a big coffee drinker and if you go out and about with me then you know that I LOVE coffee.  Coffee at breakfast, coffee after lunch WITH pie, coffee as a treat to warm up my cold bones and perhaps another cup of coffee after the house is tidied back up with a small treat.  A Fudge Round counts as a small treat BTW.

Superdad gave me a french press for Christmas a couple of years ago and I loved it and used it with only one complaint, the coffee didn't stay hot enough until I was ready for that second cup. 

So it sat alone in my kitchen sad that it was never used.  Poor little french press watched the world go by from her spot on the kitchen counter, never to be used.


I decided to make her a sweater dress.  Yes my french press is a female.  Got a problem with that?  {stern glare}

I used some yarn from Wooly Clouds Crocheting and made these sexy ties for the back to make pretty bows.  My french press is all warm a cozy now.  I call the “sweater dress” Frenchie now because koozie just didn't do it for me.

Wooly Clouds Crocheting

Wooly Clouds Crocheting

Wooly Clouds Crocheting

Know what I mean?

Coffee Koozie just doesn't do my sexy dress justice.  It deserves a sexy name like Frenchie.  {nodding}

I may even add it to Wooly Clouds Crocheting when it rolls out in the Fall/Winter 2015.  {smiling}


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