Best Brownies Ever!

Lovely O was having a sleepover and they wanted me to make brownies so I started making some brownies.

I didn’t have any cocoa powder.

I couldn’t let them down.

So I used some instant chocolate pudding mix in place of cocoa powder.

Chocolate Brownies with White Chocolate Chips

They were the best BROWNIES I’ve ever had.

In fact the girls call them “The Winners”. 


I’ve made The Winners several times with different flavors of instant pudding and they’ve all been really really delicious.

There are so many options while making homemade brownies using instant pudding instead of cocoa powder!  Use different flavors, chips and nuts.

White Chocolate Instant Pudding, Heath Chips and White Chocolate Chips.

I hope you try to make The Winners because you will love them.

We do!