All these finales. What did you watch? MAY INCLUDE SPOILERS! {AND what will I watch over the summer?}

I waited and waited and wondered and wondered a bit more how The Blacklist would end?  Would our questions be answered?   Or would MY questions be answered? 

The Blackist James Spader


I’m not sure how I feel about the finale?  I have more questions?!?!?

Why was Red there during the fire….remember we saw his burn scars??
How did Red know her parents? 
And why was it up to him to protect her from memories? 
Will Lizzie and Tom get back together while she’s on the run?

AND how far into the future will the new season start off??

Or do we have to see them on the run?

Then that takes me to Mad Men's SERIES FINALE!

I think that everyone thought that the opening was Don jumping out of the window committing suicide.

I didn’t think that at all.

At least I don’t think I thought that.

The ending was sort of slow to start and left me feeling like “meh”.  I didn’t find it to be the best finale but the die hard fans seemed to like it.

Did you?  What were your opinions?  I need to ask Superdad his opinion because he really enjoys Mad Men.

Oh honey?

I admit I watched the finale of Reign.  {don’t judge me}

I’m glad that Francis and Mary made up in the end.  We all knew they’d get back together.  Right?  As for the other players in the game, I mean show, do they really matter?  We know that the baby and Lola are safe and sound and hopefully Lola will have her man next season.  What about Greer being pregnant and trying to pass it off as Bash’s baby??  I had thought they could be finally happy together.

However he is back with the “witch” or whatever the hell she is?

Seeing Nostradamus at the end talking with Francis about him dying was sad.

Then I thought…

you have to end a series at some point.


While I am hanging my head in shame by admitting that I watched Reign I can admit that I watched the finale of Vampire Diaries. 

{don’t judge me}

It was a touching ending seeing Nina Dobrev telling everyone goodbye as it was her last show.  I know that she says she’s not leaving because hottie Ian married that Twilight girl but I don’t believe it. 

I would have been heart broken to know that a love of mine, that I currently work with and who plays my love interest, went off and got married to someone else.  I’m sorry Nina, I had hoped you two would have found your way back to each other.

How will this show go on with it losing a MAIN character?  Sort of like The Blacklist losing Elizabeth?  Seinfeld losing Jerry?  Grey’s losing Derek?  Oh wait, they did lose him.  My bad...sorry.

Now that summer is here and I’ve pretty much given up on shows on Netflix, what will I watch??

Throw out some suggestions people.