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Best Friends hit Downtown #Asheville

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of Supermom

That's us.  Best friends in high school.  The time of big hair and bright clothes.  Oh how I loved that shirt!  That beautiful flower shirt which is buttoned all the way up.  {nodding}

You'll have to click continue reading to see us now in 2015.  {all grown up with kids of our own.}

The Adventures of Supermom®
Laurrell and Michelle at True Confections in downtown Asheville. 

There we are!  This was taken last Friday April 24, 2015 while we were in downtown Asheville.  We had planned to stay the whole day and we about damn near did!  After making sure the kids were off to school and day care we had planned on breakfast and shopping and lunch and shopping.  How did I get talked into shopping since I detest it?  In all honesty it didn't bother me a bit because I was with my Beastie Grits Laurrell.

Beastie Grits = Best Friends

Laurrell came up with the name.  Grits because I LOVE grits.  I am from the south now honey.  {said all southern}


The Adventures of Supermom®

I blame the faces on mimosas and mojitos. 

The Adventures of Supermom®

The Beastie Grits enjoyed breakfast at Early Girl and lots of juicy gossip.  Yeah like breastfeeding and whether or not our kids should be vaccinated.  We agree that they should.  We don't know how we feel about our kids being around those that are not vaccinated though.  It's a tough subject for sure. 

After breakfast we walked around the Grove Arcade and even rocked the time away in some comfy rocking chairs.  Rocking chairs are AWESOME yet I don't even have one that I can fit in around the house.  Meaning only the little people have a rocking chair.

We hit the favorite hot spots downtown – The Captain's Bookshelf, Malaprops, Jewels that Dance, Tops and assorted other local places.  {Sorry, the names have left me now.} 

After walking UP a hill and shopping at the store that made me feel extremely old, Urban Outfitters, we went to get an alcoholic beverage since we were old enough to do that unlike the people shopping at that store.

Bwah ha ha.  I make myself laugh.

I enjoyed two mimosas and Laurrell enjoyed a blueberry mojito at Carmel's.  Another favorite place of mine to eat!  YUMMY!  We just sat there and talked while propping our feet up. 

It was nice to enjoy hot food and adult conversation.  We talked about our favorite shows which include a lot of sister wives!  HA HA! 

After more shopping we went to True Confections for pie {duh} and coffee {for me} and tea {for BG} and it was good.

About 5:30 pm I was ready for a nap and my soft bed so we loaded back up in the van and came back to my house where my kids showed us their beach that they had made in the front yard.  It included a very cool volleyball area so we hit the ball over a few times then called it a night.

A few things I learned while spending nine hours with my best friend downtown.
1) I really do love her.
2) I'm getting old, because I feel old.
3) I could have drank a couple more mimosas.
4) Caramel and pecan cheesecake with hot coffee does make it all better.

If you spent nine hours straight with your Best Friend in your city what all would you do?  Our next day together will be spent at my house, on the couch watching a lot of Netflix eating amazing food and snacks!

The Adventures of Supermom®
I LOVE this picture of her.

The Adventures of Supermom®