The Fault in our Stars

The Adventures of Supermom®

I had a plan!!!  To read Out of Africa again! 

I even gave my beastie grit her own copy so we could read together...


We spent the day Friday downtown shopping and she had be buy a book that she had recently finished and that she had loved.

So I did.

The Adventures of Supermom®

Buy a book.  Who wouldn't buy a book with the recommendation that you'd need two boxes of tissue?  Sign me up!  Woot woot. 

Then I started to read it, which is usually what one does when they buy a book unless it's a coffee table book...then you thumb through the book looking at the pictures.  I like coffee table books.  {nodding}  I started reading TFIOS on a Saturday night and finished TFIOS the following Sunday afternoon.

I was pleasantly surprised I didn't neglect the kids while finishing this book and I will even admit that dinner on Sunday was a box of mac & cheese and leftovers from the previous night, japanese take-out.  {laughing}

The book was a very easy read yet at times I thought it was too wordy and at times I felt like I needed a dictionary.  Of course you are rooting for young love when they both have cancer!  You want them to lose their virginity because he only has one leg and she has to use a nasal cannulas.

One would predict that Hazel will die first, or at least I figured she would, but she does not.  Leaving Hazel to mourn the loss of Gus while hanging out with their recently blind friend who lost his eyes due to cancer.

AND don't even get me started on AIA written by PVH who is the true definition of cray cray.  {shaking my head}

I feel as if I should write this whole post in a plethora of acronyms.  Okay okay, there weren't that many in the book BUT there were enough.  I guess I notice the acronyms because we enjoy using them at our house.  My husband will always be HBG: Hottie Bike Guy. 

Goodness gracious this book is made to pull your heart strings.  Cancer sucks period.  Then throw in children with cancer, children dying with cancer and your emotions are all over the place.

It reminds me of a place I don't want to be again.  Many years ago my friend Jen had me read a book {The Pact by Jodi Picoult} and it ended up being about teen suicide and how a young girl being raped just destroyed her.  After reading that book I said I'd never read another one of Jodi Picoults books because I was traumatized. 

I have not picked up another one of her books since.

I feel the same about TFIOS, it played too much on my emotions and I'd rather not go that route.  I want to remember a book because it is well written and takes me to a magical place not a book that I remember because it traumatized me.

Now that I am finished with the book Laurrell and I are going to watch the movie.  I love Shailene Woodley so I know I will enjoy the movie!  Watching a movie is so different that reading a book for me.  Reading a book takes more of your time and it takes more of you.  A book can stay with you because you have read the words.  Make sense?  Yes a movie stays with you as well but for me it's a different feeling.  Perhaps I am just odd.  DON'T SAY A WORD.  Ha ha.

Now back to reading OOA.

What are you currently reading?