Sick Kid at Home

I'm sitting in bed with my soon to be seven year old beside me as she missed school today because she doesn't feel well.  She was puny yesterday too so I guess she isn't faking it like she does most days.  Lovely O also complained of a sore throat but she went to school anyway.  Dedication there.  I might get a call to collect her early.  We shall see.

I'm sort on anxious because the house is a mess and DESPERATELY needs to be vacuumed and Lovely O informed me this morning that she has no clean pants!  Really!?!  I may sneak downstairs to gently throw some clothes in the washer.  I must do it GENTLY as my physical therapist Chris and Superdad will fuss at me because it's a big NO NO for me. 

I am not supposed to BEND or TWIST!!!  How can a busy mom like me not BEND or TWIST?  {insert hysterical laughing here}

Yeah, that's what I thought too.

So I have to wipe my feet off to get in my warm snuggly bed and that bothers me.  Damn shoes in the house and damn rabbit making a mess around her cage.  She is about to be rabbit stew if she keeps irking me and most of all Superdad.  She keeps digging ALL night for some strange reason {could be pregnant with baby bunnies} and it's really making my Superdad upset.  I really need to re-home her as I am not able to clean her cage and take care of things like I used to do for her.  Nodding.  I just don't think I can do this anymore.  It hurts me physically.  And emotionally.

I just don't know.

I really wish the sun was shining.  Over the weekend I made myself sit outside in the sun for an hour a day.  I put on a bathing suit, grabbed a ninja turtle sheet, my Out of Africa book and my trusty cellphone so I could use the timer.  Ha ha.  Yes, I used the timer.  I didn't want to burn.  Half an hour on my tummy and half an hour on my back watching nature all around me. 

It was torture.  Laying there.  All sorts of things went through my mind.  This hurts my back?  How much longer?  Is that an ant on my leg?  Did I hear a bee?  Is that an ant or a spider?  How does Hannah do this and enjoy it?  When will the timer go off???  I'm ready to go inside?

I will think all of the above and check my phone only to realize that only FIVE MINUTES had passed. 

{shaking my head}

Torture I tell ya.  I do like getting some color though.  My freckles are multiplying fast!  I like it!  I like it a lot.  I even bought some sunning spray yesterday at the drug store.  Maybe I won't be with brightest whitest woman at the beach this summer.  {gentle smile}

Time to check a kids temp.  The life of a busy mom.  Welcome to my world.