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rove’s Bento Lunch Box {A Review}
The Superkids LOVE their rove Bento Box.

The Adventures of Supermom®Does it make me a bad parent when I admit that I DETEST packing lunch for my girls??  The school they attend does not provide lunches so theirs has to be packed.  {It's a small private Montessori School.}  I've been packing lunches for almost five years now and it's a struggle with finding the right containers?, the right bags?, the right food?, and a way to keep it from getting boring.

It's very difficult IMHO to do this every day.

During this time I've tried all sorts of containers trying to find the right size and one that wouldn't leak.  I have washed their lunchbox several times due to a container leaking.  I have even resorted to using plastic bags for food and that makes me feel all guilty for the environment.

Yes it was easier for me at a time but was that worth the plastic baggie guilt?

{no laughing}

I did just say plastic baggie guilt.

The last time I bought some bento type containers at the organic grocery store I was very disappointed because the lids didn't fit properly and they leaked and when you did get the lid on it was terribly hard to get the lid off and I kept picturing one of the girls throwing food all over the place while just trying to take the lid off.  So I quit using them.

Such a waste.

Then I was sent an email about reviewing the 7 piece laptop iced Bento Lunch Box by rove® and I jumped at the chance.  I even asked for TWO!

I was a bit skeptical because I have been down this road before.

They came and I put them to the test with the girls!  I love these bento boxes!!  They can be used so many different ways and with the non-toxic removable freezer gel pack I don't have to worry about the cold food getting hot.  I've used these bento boxes so many ways and with so many different types of lunch food.

Everything stays in place so at lunch time you can just enjoy your meal and not worry about trying to open a hard container and you don't have to worry about your food not staying cold!  You also don't have to worry about your dressing or your veggie dip leaking all over the place because it doesn't!

I now enjoy packing their lunches.  {Okay, enjoy a little more than I used to.|  It's a breeze no matter which way I decide to use their bento lunch box now.

bento box by rove

More information for you.

From bottles to bags, rove offers the latest for a sustainable, mobile lifestyle. A must-have for active families and kids, rove’s Bento Lunch Box is a seven-piece iced lunch box that keeps meals fresh for hours. Whether it’s at work or school, around town, or even traveling, the multi-compartment Bento Box allows you to simplify the preparation (no bags needed to separate each item), manage portion control and always have fresh choices on-hand. rove’s Bento Lunch Box is top-rack dishwasher safe, microwaveable, eco-friendly and available in 4 trend-right colors at www.roveliving.com.

The Adventures of Supermom®Healthy lunches can be packed several ways in rove Bento Box to fit your personal lunch service needs. Basic Pack: pack everything in the large container when you do not need to keep ingredients separate. Bento Pack: keep up to 5 ingredients separate in the Bento insert, which is ideal for crudités, and includes a leak-proof center compartment. Smart Pack: when you need to prepare portion controlled lunches or food group correct lunches with foods like protein, grain, fruit and vegetables. Or try a Fresh Pack when you need to keep ingredients separate until ready to serve, then mix them in the large outer container and enjoy.

Bento Box has a variety of on the go uses – it is ideal for taking a more nutritious lunch to work, around town, to a picnic, or even on an airplane. Bento Box containers are top-rack dishwasher safe, microwaveable, eco-friendly, and available in 4 trend-right colors to fit your healthy on the go lifestyle. Move up to the lunch box for adults: the sleek, compact and versatile rove Bento Box that keeps food cold and fresh for hours.

rove® presents the perfect lunch box for people who want to eat healthy portion controlled lunches or food group correct lunches on the go–and keep them cold and fresh for hours–the simple to use, BPA-FREE eco-friendly multi-compartment 7 piece laptop iced lunch Box.

When we go on vacation I'm going to use their rove’s Bento Lunch Box to fill with all sorts of snacks so each girl will have their on assortment of food and HOPEFULLY I won't hear “I'm hungry” the whole way.

**I was not paid to post this and the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.  I was sent FREE product to try so I could tell you all about it.**

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