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The Adventures of Supermom®Waiting for first round of cupcakes to come out of the oven.

I've walked a mile. Now I'm making myself sit in the sun. Sort of my meditation. I will then do some physical therapy before I make cupcakes for the birthday party tomorrow. ‪#‎1supermom‬

Reading Ulysses was amazing. Totally amazing.

I had a wonderful day with my daughter Hannah and sweet sweet baby. How about you?

Home and ready for bed. Today has been such a lovely day. Thank you @SheKnows and @BlogHer for inviting me to Charlotte to hear President Obama speak. ‪#‎surreal‬

I want to give a big THANK YOU to my husband as he's home today holding the fort down on Ninja's birthday as I travel to Charlotte for a town hall meeting with President Obama. Thank you @sheknows and @blogher for inviting me to attend this amazing event for working women! ‪#‎ObamaTownHall‬ ‪#‎womenslives‬ I am honored to see/meet the President of the United States. ‪#‎1supermom‬

Myra weirdest dream last night!! We were our ages now but having a sleepover at your parent's house. We were planning to cruise Patton and meet up with Taylor Swift for her singing gig. She was a personal friend of ours. I was waiting for my Mamaw to bring me over. I remembered calling and your mom answering. Ha ha.

Three months ago we were introduced. I loved you before you were born and as each day passes I love you more. I thank God every day that he gave you to us. You have blessed our lives more than I could think possible.
I love you,

My son looks so handsome after a haircut.

#‎asheville‬ Tomorrow I travel to Charlotte for a town hall meeting with President Obama. I wish I could take him some 12 Bones River BBQ!

GOOD MORNING everyone. How are you??? I'm feeling pretty good!! My back hurts but I'm resting.

Today my sweet sweet granddaughter is three months old and TOMORROW my awesome Ninja Gurl turns 7 years old!!! ‪#‎blessed‬ ‪#‎thankful‬

Thank you so much @SheKnows and @BlogHer for inviting me to attend the town hall meeting with President Obama in Charlotte tomorrow. I am honored you thought of me.
As a nod to Equal Pay Day on April 14, President Obama will also address questions from Town Hall attendees about the wage gap and his efforts to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would make it illegal for employers to pay unequal wages to women and men who perform similar work, and The Fair Pay Act, which would prohibit wage discrimination based on sex, race and national origin.
My opinion is that we are all human beings and should be treated as such instead of our sex and race being factored in. Just human beings all made the same way.

Home from a great physical therapy at Physio Physical Therapy and Wellness Asheville. On ice now watching Boss. How are you this rainy Monday morning?

Holding a sleeping baby. Shhhhhh.

I've sat outside for an hour in the sun. Fixed nine luau gift bags. Sewed a button on my shirt. Sewed a button on Superdad's pants. Watched season one finale of Boss. My back hurts so I'm holding the couch down while the kids play outside. Looking forward to my granddaughter coming over. smile emoticon we will then take a walk. Physical therapy makes me sore but it will make me feel better!!!

I'm so proud of my daughter Hannah and Joey for being such amazing parents to their sweet sweet daughter.

I get to babysit my sweet sweet baby while her parents go to the movies. Big huge smile!!!! Then my awesome daughter may come one day next week to help me catch up on blog work since I am behind.

My husband is tuning his electric guitar as Ninja Gurl comes to tell me that she and daddy are making a band. Where did I put my wax earplugs???

Went to Lowe's with my hubs. Now I'm sitting in the sun. Sweating. You?

Cannot. Move.

Just walked 1.29 miles. Exhausted.

On my yoga mat.

Counting the months until Folly Beach. ha ha I'd pack now if I could.

No Blacklist last night???

I was invited to be on live TV again.....hmmmm.......I just don't know. ha ha

I just walked a mile today.