Once a Ninja, always a Ninja.
{Just a Ninja with an electric guitar.}

The Adventures of Supermom®Seven years ago I was a nervous wreck waiting for my planned tax day cesarean at Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina.  A total wreck.  We were going to meet our daughter for the very first time, hear her cry, feel the warmth of her body, count her fingers and count her toes, see who she looks like and we were ready for her to be in our arms.

At 7:47 am Ninja Gurl was born weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces and she was a beautiful healthy baby girl.  A beautiful Ninja Gurl.

That's the only way to describe her, she has mad ninja skillz all the while wearing a pink dress with her pierced ears.  That's our girl.  It has been a pleasure watching her grow and see the world and it's been a total pleasure being her mom.  She's the kind of girl who says what's on her mind yet she's kind and compassionate towards others. {except her sister}

* Her favorite color is orange.

* She loves maple yogurt.

* She knows how to make a sling shot with a stick found on a walk and a hairband from around her wrist.  I know this because there's one on the front porch.

* I just know that Ninja Gurl could kick my butt in Scrabble if she just knew how to spell ALL the words that are in her vocabulary.  WORD!


Know what I mean?

Our sweet seven year old is in first grade and loves to read, loves to color and draw amazing art on paper, she loves to play MineCraft and Disney Infinity, build with blocks, crochet, knit and she loves to play on her brand new guitar.  {And she loves to torture her sister O BUT O loves to torture her back so it's all fair in love and war.}  Up until her birthday she was playing on a toy guitar that Santa brought a couple of years back so this year for her birthday she got her very own electric guitar and amp that's just her size and she's already playing on it and it's really really good.

For someone who has never played on a real guitar she is doing amazing and is learning chords and can play music from sound.  In time she will learn to read music and create all on her own.

We are very excited for Ninja Gurl.

Happy Birthday Ninja Gurl!  I hope you had the best 7th birthday ever!  

The Adventures of Supermom®