Living a Healthy Lifestyle with Chobani Greek Yogurt
#ChobaniKids project in honor of National Nutrition Month

Chobani Greek Yogurt for Tots and KidsChobani believes it’s especially important to make sure that kids get the proper nutrition that they need to grow up strong. I agree! I was super excited when I heard about Chobani’s #ChobaniKids project because it was a chance for me to share my best tips, thoughts, and ideas to encourage kids to live a healthy lifestyle and to get the proper nutrition.  I'm all about eating healthy, cooking homemade and involving the kids.  We are very proud that our four kids have a passion to eat only what's best for them and that they enjoy being active outdoors.

Make eating healthy fun. 

I've been asked before how to get kids to eat only healthy foods and my answer is really super easy, “Only have healthy food in the house”.  That's the one sure way that you and your kids are eating properly. 

Michelle Lee @ The Adventures of Supermom

We shop together as a family, which is helpful because our kids know where their food is coming from and they enjoy picking out fruits and vegetables and don't forget how fun they have pushing the cart.  We shop at our local organic grocery store year round and in the summer my husband likes to visit the local tailgate market which features local farms and their crops.  Talk about fresh food.

Getting the kids involved with the shopping will encourage them to try new things and you can get them in the kitchen to cook what they have picked out.  I love getting my kids in the kitchen to help me and they love helping mommy with dinner.  It's great bragging rights to them when we are eating as a family and everyone is enjoying the dish that they have prepared.

Michelle Lee, The Adventures of SupermomYou can shop for healthy food and you can also grow your own.  We have a small garden in the summer and it's something else that the kids love helping with.  It all starts with a seed, they can care for that seed and they can be excited when it comes through the soil.  They will watch it grow into a plant and bloom for the first time, then they will be so proud when they can pick the first yellow tomato, for example, and without washing it - pop it in their mouth.

It's a beautiful thing to teach and share with you child.

Make eating healthy snacks easy.

As the parent in the house you pretty much are in charge of what your children eat, so with only buying healthy options then that's what they have to eat.  Here's how I make it easy for my children to have healthy snacks when they are hungry and how I set things a certain way so they can get it for themselves.

We wash the fruits and veggies before putting them in the fridge.

Easy Bake Oven HellWhen I am unloading the grocery bags I go ahead and throw the grapes in a strainer to rinse them off.  I leave out the cantaloupe and put the other snacks where they can reach them.  Doing the prep work ahead of time makes it easier for you and your children.  Put the clean grapes in a bowl with a paper towel in the bottom and place on the top shelf in the fridge and having the cantaloupe cut into pieces in a bowl in the fridge makes snack time healthy and easy.

My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE yogurt!!!!  That's probably their favorite snack right up there with watermelon and cantaloupe.  They love adding honey and granola to their yogurt.  Yummy!  Along with sharing my ideas with you on living a healthy lifestyle I learned that Chobani has TWO new products just for children!

Chobani Tots and Chobani Kids Greek Yogurt Pouches, specially designed Greek Yogurt for toddlers and kids that contains real fruits and vegetables, and only natural ingredients - no preservatives or artificial colors and flavors.

Chobani Greek Yogurt for Tots and Kids

Chobani Greek Yogurt for Tots and Kids

Sounds amazing!  I know that my girls will love this!  These pouches will be perfect for snack time, snacks on the go and putting in their lunch box.  {They go to a small Montessori School where I have to pack their lunches every day.}

Make physical activity fun.  {Lead by example.}

The Adventures of SupermomWe are lucky to live in a neighborhood where there are plenty of children to play with so our kids are always outside riding bikes, playing tag, running around silly, swinging, and jumping on the trampoline.  My husband likes to take walks in the neighborhood in the afternoon and the kids enjoy it too.  I know I am slacking by not going on those walks but I know in time that I will be walking with them to set a better example.

Chimney Rock, North CarolinaSince we live in Asheville, North Carolina we can hop in the car {with lunch from the sandwich shop and now with Chobani Greek Yogurt Pouches} and be on the Blue Ridge Parkway in ten minutes to enjoy a hike and picnic together as a family.  We love doing this in the summer.

Walk around North Asheville


We don't have cable TV or a satellite dish so our children aren't inclined to be a couch potato.  They have a one hour limit a day to use the computer to play games and it's the first to go if they get in trouble.  In their free time my kids read, draw, play games, crochet, knit, and hang out with their parents.  HA HA!

There you have it.  This is what we do at our house and I hope that it gives you some fun ideas to incorporate into your lifestyle.  Thank you Chobani for encouraging me to talk about how we live healthy.  Now that it's spring we are already planning our garden and I'm looking forward to our first hike on the parkway!!!

How do you live a healthy lifestyle?

Chobani Greek Yogurt for Tots and Kids

**I wasn't paid to post this and the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.**


Chele said…
I had NO idea Chobani came in pouches!!! Our toddler makes a huge drooly mess with the tubes...this is awesome news. Hopefully, I can find them local here in Raleigh.
Supermom said…
I know Chele!!!!!

My kids are always running around so this will be a good on-the-go snack.

Woot woot!