I'm so ready to garden this year.

The Adventures of Supermom®Monday I hit the hardware store and bought three hanging baskets, a small plant for the porch and some pine straw so I worked a tiny bit outside.  When my back started aching I called it quits.  Tomorrow I will throw down some grass seed and then Superdad can put straw on it.  I'm loving working on our garden and looking forward to lots of great things this summer.

I'd have bought plants to plant outside too BUT my Mamaw has always told me not to plant until after Mother's Day and in all my years she has been correct.  It's something that her mother taught her as well.  So, I can count on the weather being all okay after Mother's Day to plant.  So if Superdad needs a couple ideas for Mother's day WHICH is May 10th then I'd like a tray of pretty orange marigolds, a couple gerbera daisies {he knows the color}, and pansies or vinca.  Something like that.  Plus the girls will like helping pick out flowers for mommy's special day.  Then THEY can help plant the flowers so my back doesn't ache.  {smiling}  Honey if you can find me a streptocarpus saxorum I would dance a jig for you.  I had one of these many many many years ago and LOVED it. 

The flowers would be a lot cheaper than patio furniture that is comfy enough for me to sit in.  The stuff we have now was brought over by my great aunt a year or two ago and it's so uncomfy that I cannot even sit in it with my back.  {insert frown here}

Ninja Gurl celebrated her birthday Saturday with her friends downtown and it was pretty awesome.  She wanted a luau so I threw her the best luau ever!  {More about this later this week.}

Then Monday morning I went to school for her special birthday circle and for that I made an adorable slide show to show and I took cheese popcorn and apple juice for the kids to enjoy.

It was a lovely time.  I'm so glad that she enjoyed it because I bet that was her last birthday circle because she will be older and will not want her old mom embarrassing her at school with BABY PICTURES.

Know what I mean?

Will you garden this year?  What will you plant?