Home From Physical Therapy {Monday, April, 13, 2015}
Town Hall meeting with President Barack Obama in Charlotte, North Carolina

Today was a rainy Monday and when I started the day I only had REST on my mind because I knew that I would start the day running {figure of speech} because I had physical therapy at 9am then my plan was to do NOTHING after that.  After feeding my girls, packing their lunches and driving them to school I headed to physical therapy.  I went in all happy and giggly and happy but then I left all sad with tears in my eyes, not because anything wrong happened to me but because of the physical therapy that was done for me.  It left me in pain.

I came home to rest my sore body on some ice.

{Ice ice baby...singing.} 

Sitting on my comfy couch with coffee and laptop watching Season 2 of Boss I saw an email that read,

“Time Sensitive - please read! Special SheKnows/BlogHer opportunity - plus a quick survey”.

I read the email then realized it was on Ninja Gurl's birthday and wouldn't be able to attend.  Bummer.  Plus I wasn't sure if my back could handle the drive to Charlotte. 

We emailed back and forth, then I changed my mind because the kids always open their presents the morning before school and I was worried that I would disappoint my daughter.  {Calling her on Skype just wasn't a birthday memory I wanted her to have of me.}

Then I realized that a very important figure was going to be at this “Time Sensitive” event that I was being invited too!

SheKnows Media, the number-one women’s lifestyle digital media company with 81.5 million unique visitors per month and 162 million social media fans and followers, today announced that it will facilitate a special Town Hall meeting with President Barack Obama in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Tax Day, April 15, to discuss the earning and economic prospects of American women in the workforce – and by extension, their families.

President Barack Obama

As a nod to Equal Pay Day on April 14, President Obama will also address questions from Town Hall attendees about the wage gap and his efforts to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would make it illegal for employers to pay unequal wages to women and men who perform similar work, and The Fair Pay Act, which would prohibit wage discrimination based on sex, race and national origin.

You can join the conversation and ask questions on social media before, during and after the meeting, using the hashtag #ObamaTownHall. SheKnows Media also will use the hashtag #womenslives to engage the community in the discussion as part of its joint initiative with Public Radio International-PRI (www.pri.org) to ensure that important, in-depth coverage about women – from education to health to economic development – is seen and heard.  {Taken from Business Wire.}

I was a bit freaked out in a fabulous way.  Stuttering.  Couldn't form complete sentences. 

Then I was trying to decide on something to wear!  This is how my brain works. 

I ended up going out to buy a new dress to wear for the occasion, it's black with pink flowers.  No heels because of the back but that's okay.  I must get better before I wear those anyway.

I know this post is random and probably out of sorts but I'm still at a loss for words.

I am honored to be included and look forward to this event.  I will tell you all about it!  Please check out BlogHer and SheKnows for more information and they will livestream the discussion along with WhiteHouse.gov.