all Laundry Teams up with Peanuts to Become the Official Detergent of the World's Most Famous Dirty Kid

Peanuts and all®

all® is now the Official Detergent of the World’s Most Famous Dirty Kid

America’s Trusted Premium Laundry Brand Partners with Peanuts® on a Multi-year Campaign to Re-invent Classic Characters for a New Generation and Launch New Product Innovations

As mom’s trustworthy partner in the battle against her kid’s toughest stains, all® laundry detergent announced today that it is teaming up with the Peanuts Gang on a multi-year, integrated campaign to excite consumers and build strong category momentum. The centerpiece of the partnership is a new TV spot with the world’s most famous dirty kid, Pig-Pen, and other members of the Peanuts gang including Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and Snoopy – all of whom are portrayed by real kids for the first time ever in a television commercial.

    “Together, we have reimagined Peanuts for a new generation while staying true to the spirit of Charles Schulz’s original vision. The result is a campaign that’s innovative, fresh, fun and highly memorable – a welcome addition to the Peanuts family.”

Comprised of national television, print, digital, social activation, retail, consumer promotions and public relations, the campaign cleverly brings together America’s premium laundry brand and one of the nation’s most iconic and loved properties in an easily relatable way for moms. Research shows that moms identify their kids with different members of the Peanuts gang, be it Linus’s sweet sensitivity, Charlie Brown’s can-do attitude or Pig-Pen’s penchant for getting dirty. In fact, moms affectionately admit that their kids can sometimes be ‘little Pig-Pens’ , making this loveable (but dirty) character the ultimate laundry challenge and the embodiment of all®’s ability to fight tough kid stains.

“all® skews more towards households with kids than any other laundry brand, so our connection with Peanuts is a natural fit,” said Lora Van Velsor, vice president marketing for all®. “Any parent will tell you that for kids, having fun means getting dirty. Moms trust all® to tackle tough kid stains, and our partnership with Peanuts is a great way to bring that brand benefit to life in a fresh, engaging way. We love the diversity of the Peanuts gang and we’ve got a product for all of them – be it all® Oxi for Pig-Pen’s dirty messes, or all® free clear to be sure Linus’s blanket is clean and soft against his sensitive skin.”

The campaign, which kicks off this week, includes national television and an engaging user generated content-focused social campaign with an interactive Buzzfeed program

In September, the partnership will kick into high gear even more with the release of the blockbuster The Peanuts Movie. With Fox/Blue Sky Studios reimagining the Peanuts characters in modern day CGI, all® will also shift to CGI with dedicated content developed in partnership with Fox/Blue Sky during the promotion period.

The brands are a good marketing match – well known, all about kids and with strong roots in the American psyche. The Peanuts gang has 96 percent brand awareness with moms, a daily readership of 45 million and a social media reach of one billion impressions.

“This is a huge year for Peanuts, and we are proud to be partnering with an industry leader like all®, a brand that shares our belief that childhood is a truly special time and that kids should have the freedom to just be kids and get dirty,” said Leigh Anne Brodsky, Managing Director at Peanuts Worldwide LLC. “Together, we have reimagined Peanuts for a new generation while staying true to the spirit of Charles Schulz’s original vision. The result is a campaign that’s innovative, fresh, fun and highly memorable – a welcome addition to the Peanuts family.”

The partnership with Peanuts is also being used to launch new product innovations that will expand and take the category in new directions.

Clothes take a beating and, after excessive laundering, whites can begin to look dingy and colors begin to fade. all® Radiant restores whites and protects colors, helping turn back the clock on favorite items. Using patented FIBER SHIELDTM technology, all® Radiant takes stain-lifting to the next level by reviving whites and keeping colors looking bright. The result is clothes with a new lease on life – transformed from worn “hand me downs” into beautiful and bright “pass me ons”, at 25% less cost than the leading detergent brand.

The makers of the #1 detergent brand recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin are introducing two new sensitive skin products:

all laundryall® free clear OXI mighty pacs is a convenient, hypoallergenic, advanced cleaning solution for those with sensitive skin. It is the only single dose OXI detergent on the market specially designed to be gentle on skin.

all® OXI laundry booster for sensitive skin provides an easy stain-fighting boost in the laundry without irritating skin because it is 100% free of dyes, perfumes and chlorine. The booster can also be used to safely remove stains around the house. At 15% less per load than the leading brand, all® OXI laundry booster for sensitive skin is sure to fit every budget.

Both new products have been clinically proven to be mild on skin, are free of dyes and perfumes, and are hypoallergenic.

**I was not paid to post this.  I was sent FREE product to wash my messy kids' laundry.**