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All About Hampton Creek
Just Mayo - Gluten Free and Just Cookie Dough

Hampton CreekHampton Creek sent me a goodie box filled with an assortment of mayo and a container of cookie dough.  We just got through eating some delicious chocolate chip cookies and {sort of} argued as to who would get the LAST one!  Just Cookie Dough are delicious, good for you and kid approved.  Just ask my two girls.  Not only have we enjoyed their mayo on our sandwiches but now we can bake delicious cookies!  Two perfect lunch choices in our busy day.

Flavor is often sacrificed when trying to eat healthier, and it can be difficult to find better options for families’ favorite foods. Hampton Creek, has healthier options for the most craveable of foods that are also budget friendly!

More about Hampton Creek:

Hampton Creek is a company dedicated to making it easy for good people to do the right thing. Whether you're a hip college student or a single mom raising two kids, everyone should be able to eat delicious food that's healthier, sustainable, and affordable. 

Hampton CreekJust Mayo is a tasty alternative to traditional condiments that comes in four zesty flavors, plus is kosher and free of cholesterol, gluten, soy, lactose and dairy, or GMOs – great for kids with allergies!

Hampton Creek

Delicious potato salad. Creamy, rich mayo for any sandwich, anytime. Welcome to Just Mayo, where taste and sustainability live on the same plate.

Hampton CreekJust Cookie Dough

The world needed a better cookie, so naturally, we came to the rescue.

Just Cookie Dough is all-natural and contains no raw eggs or dairy so can be enjoyed right out of the tub! Available in chocolate chip.

 Just Cookie Dough simply makes for better sweet treats!

All Natural.  Affordable.  Dairy-Free.  Sustainable.  Cholesterol-Free.  Allergy Friendly.

A cookie dough that you can eat raw!!!  Moms everywhere are dancing in their seat reading this.  

Hampton Creek

**I wasn't paid to post this and the opinions expressed belong entirely to me.  I was sent FREE product so I could tell you all about them.  Pictures courtesy of Hampton Creek.  Thank you Hampton Creek.**

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