Wooly Clouds Crocheting
{Created by Michelle Lee of The Adventures of Supermom®}

Wooly Clouds Crocheting

Starting a new business.  How does one go about that?  Seriously because this is all new to me.  So different from blogging.  Crocheting is not like typing up a blog post every couple of days.

Yet, here I am.

Starting a new business. 

It just sort of happened. 

One day I was telling Superdad that I wished there was something I could do involving something that I enjoy doing and I'm good at doing.  IE:  Crocheting

Then in a few days Wooly Clouds Crocheting was born.

Superdad brought up Wooly and I REALLY liked that!  It goes with my whole theme, the one that was dancing around in my brain.

I started thinking about where we live with the mountains, trees, seasons, blue sky and clouds.

Then it hit me!  LAND OF THE SKY!!  The sky has clouds.  {on certain days there just happen to be more than others.}

Wooly Clouds!!!

Then I added Crocheting.

Wooly Clouds Crocheting.

Them immediately I bought the domain name!

Started a Facebook page.

Started a Twitter account.

AND not to make the pinners sad – a Pinterest page.

There's not much on the site as of yet but I did start blogging over there on March 1 since it was the start on National Crochet Month.

Hi, my name is Michelle and I love yarn.

Wooly Clouds Crocheting