Things I've recently said {or thought} compiled for you on a Thursday.

I bet women are shaving their legs today.  Oh wait, this is Asheville.  {About it being 75 degrees outside in winter.}

I saw Twlight on Netflix.  Yeah, I watched it.  Team Damon.

How did I get myself into planning the perfect Birthday in 11 days!?!?!?! Lovely O turns ten next week TEN!!!! She picked a place LAST NIGHT so I am trying to arrange it. She picked out a theme so I just ordered it online. Next to order her cake. I think Superdad will be in charge of presents!!!!!! Don't you think that's fair?

I just want to go drool on my pillow!!!!!

Why do the kids think I am supposed to do everything? ?? Oh, that mommy thing. Got it.

Life is too short. I've watch 2.3 seasons of Vampire Diaries then read the synopsis for the rest. Whew. Glad I got that out of my system. It's worth it just to see Ian aka Damon. Fanning myself.

PLEASE Netflix make a season two of Reckless!!! I beg you!!!

FYI. If you wake up about 2am in pain, take your meds and think you will goof off on your tablet until they kick will light the WHOLE room like a super flashlight and wake your spouse up. Now you know.

I'm wondering why it's so dark in here.
I have my sunglasses on.
Smacking forehead.

I have to wear my sunglasses again today! That damn migraine WILL NOT GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!! However I do look pretty cool while in pain.

Shame shame Herrschners Inc.. You are having a great sale BUT took the yarn I buy off of your site even though I just looked at it. Afraid someone will buy a lot during the sale??

I'm so proud. Both girls are Junior Park Rangers. You should hear Ninja Girl quote the oath. It was so touching. ‪#‎proudmommoment‬


Olivia: Don't step in the yellow snow.
Maddie: I know.