The Kitchen Challenge Day 1
The Adventures of Supermom®

The Adventures of Supermom®

Over the weekend I went grocery shopping with my Superdad and we hit two grocery stores.  It was just yummy looking at all the organic fruit and veggies!  YUMMY!!!!

When we finally made it home and were putting things up together I realized that I could have probably fed the family with everything that was already in my kitchen.  It would have only taken more planning and preparing but it could have been done.

I arranged things a bit better and took a mental stock of all the food that we had accumulated.

Here starts my personal challenge.  I know that Superdad is on board with this.

I plan to cook from what we have in the kitchen without buying more stuff.  Now, this doesn't included milk, eggs or bread {however I do have two loaves in the freezer} and what we have to get the girls for their school lunches.  Remember since they go to a small private school we have to pack their lunch every day.

{Sandwich meat, cheese, Sunbutter, coconut....}

This morning the girls had scrambled eggs with toast and for dinner I am making chicken apple sausage, brussels sprouts, honey carrots and some beautiful mixed organic fruit.

Here's three beautiful pictures of my brussels sprouts.

The Adventures of Supermom®

The Adventures of Supermom®

Brussels Sprouts

Note:  I realized I had been saying it all wrong.  Brussels sprouts are not spelled brussel sprouts.  You have to add that S at the end.  Never too old to learn something.

What will you cook for dinner?