Stemilt Growers – Fresh Blenders
PERFECT for those who love to juice or create smoothies at home.

Stemilt Growers – Fresh BlendersStemilt Growers – Fresh Blenders are fresh from our orchards, Fresh Blenders apples offer your favorite Stemilt sweet and tart apple varieties packaged up into a 5-pound grab-and-go value-bag that’s perfect for using at home in your juice and smoothie recipe creations!  Apples are a healthy and natural start to any juice or smoothie (they are full of antioxidants and vitamins, including fiber and Vitamins C and A) and with Fresh Blenders, creating healthy juices and smoothies at home has never been easier.

Stemilt Growers – Fresh Blenders

Packaged in convenient, re-sealable 5-pound pouches, Fresh Blenders are offered in two delicious apple variety packages, sweet and tart. Based on the seasons, the Sweet Blenders package includes either Gala, Fuji, Red Delicious or Golden Delicious apples and Tart Blenders rotate between Braeburn, Granny Smith and Pink Lady® apple varieties. Each quality apple packed in Fresh Blenders is grown by multi-generational family farmers in central Washington where the dry climate produces crisp, juice and delicious apples.

Stemilt Growers – Fresh Blenders

Simple ABC Smoothie with Tart Blenders
Servings: 28-32 ounces

This smoothie is the perfect “starter” for those new to blending… just think ABC (apple, banana, carrot & citrus)… it’s as easy as that! Here, Stemilt Fresh Blenders Tart Apples are blended with ripe banana, a few petite carrots and fresh orange for a vibrant, healthy start to the day. And… if you want to go “green,” simply drop in a good handful of fresh, baby spinach for a little added boost of Vitamin A and Iron.

Fresh Blenders2 Stemilt Fresh Blenders Tart Apples, cored and quartered
1 cup ice ¼ cup water
3 petite carrots (approx. 6” length), thoroughly scrubbed or
peeled, ends trimmed, roughly chopped
½ ripe banana, peeled
1 orange, peeled and halved
1 cup fresh baby spinach, firmly packed (optional, see note)

Add apple, then ice, water, carrot, banana, and orange to pitcher of high-speed electric blender (one suitable for crushing ice and handling firm textures). Blend on high (or use “smoothie” option, if applicable) for approximately 1 minute. (If necessary, stop machine intermittently to scrape down sides or press ingredients down to remove any air pockets that might impede blending.) Pour into glasses and serve immediately.

If you want to go “green,” add baby spinach with other ingredients and blend, as directed. OR, transfer half of ABC smoothie to a pitcher; then add spinach to remaining smoothie mix in blender; blend as directed. To serve, fill glasses halfway with green smoothie, then add ABC smoothie to top for a bit of a layered look.

**I was not paid to post this.  I was sent two FREE bags of apples.  They were delicious!!!!!  Thank you Stemilt Growers for making Fresh Blenders.**