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National Geographic Kids 1,000 Facts About The Bible

1000FactsAboutBible_HiresThis Spring, National Geographic Kids Books is debuting  National Geographic Kids 1,000 Facts About The Bible, a beautifully illustrated, easy-to-follow reference that inspires kids to discover more about the Bible.  Bright, bold, and fascinating, this is not your father's bible reference (my apologies to Oldsmobile)! Each spread features high-interest topics brought to life with the signature National Geographic flair, combining historical stories and facts and beautiful works of art and photos in a kid-friendly format.  

With an emphasis on Biblical figures, history, archaeological discoveries and life in Biblical times, there are 1,000 ooh's, aaaw's and even some ewww's packed into this fun and engrossing book the entire family can enjoy together.

National Geographic Kids 1,000 Facts About The Bible

Just a FEW highlights include:
* 15 Bouncing Biblical Baby Facts
* 25 Telling Facts About The Prophets
* 25 Villainous Facts and Dastardly Deeds
* 15 Facts About Noah and His Awesome Ark
* 75 Facts About Laws And Commandments

National Geographic Kids 1,000 Facts About The Bible also comes complete with a glossary, annotations, an index and a listing of additional resources both in print and online.  The final lines in the book's forward, written by the renowned biblical scholar Jean-Pierre Isbouts, sums up this fascinating book best:

"Whether you are Christian or Jewish, or you simply want to better understand the importance of the Bible in our modern times,  National Geographic Kids 1,000 Facts About The Bible is not only a trustworthy  guide but also a very entertaining one. It will introduce you to many amazing people, countless exotic places, and scores of exciting events."

Perfect for the family bookshelf and a terrific, thoughtful gift for Easter.

**I wasn't paid to post this.  I was sent two free copies of the book for my girls.  Thank you National Geographic Kids!**


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