March is National Crochet Month
The Adventures of Supermom® is a crochet freak.

Wooly Clouds Crocheting

How appropriate.

For a month now I have been working on a new business that will {hopefully} roll out in the Fall of 2015.  Every few minutes I change my mind and think that some sort of madness took over my body and that there's no way in hell that I could ever start a business and crochet beautiful things that people would actually want to spend money on.

Momentary insanity???

Then a few minutes later I pick up my yarn, feel in run through my fingers and start to crochet thinking that THIS will be beautiful and someone will love it!

So depending on my mood I am starting a business and at times I am not.  However I did buy the domain name and I'm already starting on the website.  Then I did already set up a Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook Page for the new adventure.

Momentary insanity.

Starting a business is completely scary.  Foolish?  IDK

So here it is March 1, 2015 and it's National Crochet Month.

How will you spend it?

I will be crocheting of course.

Creating beautiful things.

Yes, my name is Michelle and I created Wooly Clouds Crocheting.  {A work in progress so be patient.}  More to come.  Pinky promise.