How many days can you cook with what's in your kitchen?
The Kitchen Challenge Continues

The Adventures of Supermom®

Last time I typed up a blog about my special kitchen challenge I was on day eleven and had made some butternut squash soup, broccoli and some mac and cheese for Ninja Gurl.  I have been keeping tabs with a notebook by the stove in the kitchen so I thought I would update you since I am on day DAY 22!!!!!!!

Yep, 22 days of making dinner with what I already have in the kitchen.  Remember that Superdad is buying only milk, eggs, bread, apples and the girls lunch stuff for school.  {I have to pack their lunch every day.}

Here's what I've made for the family.

Day 12 – beef sirloin, honey carrots, collards and sliced apples.
Day 13 – {a Friday} eggs, waffles and toast
Day 14 – chicken pot pie
Day 15 – leftovers from all the food in fridge
Day 16 – homemade veggie soup
Day 17 – leftover soup with cornbread
Day 18 – sweet orange chicken and corn
Day 19 – broccoli, black eyed peas and mac and cheese
Day 20 – Girl went on a sleepover so I didn't make dinner.
Day 21 – It was a special treat for Lovely O so we had take-out from Noi's.

Day 22 – {That's today}
I've already looked in the fridge and tonight will be a LEFTOVER feast from everything in the fridge.  Lots of leftovers in there!!

I cannot believe that I've gone 22 days without buying food for dinner!!!  My goal is to go 30, so we shall see.

What will you have for dinner tonight?