Home Safety Tips
on behalf of Rosie Pope, P & G Fabric Care {Tide & Gain}

Tide and GainBaby proofing your house!  This is something I totally forgot about when my granddaughter was born {only nine weeks old} but I have plenty of time.  Since my youngest will be seven years old in a few weeks I don't have to child proof as much as I did when she was much younger.  Goodness gracious with the crawling and walking the kids would get into EVERYTHING!  They would find things that you didn't even know you had!  I can see you nodding in your seat as you are reading this.

Tide and GainRosie Pope, Tide & Gain and made child proofing so much easier with helpful tips!  When I got them in my email this week I was happy to know all of these tips because I now have to work on getting my house safe for our Sweet Sweet Granddaughter.  I hope that you gets lots of great information with these tips and happy child proofing! 

If you have a tip you want to share then just comment below!

Did you know that 90% of poisonings occur in the home?  Tide and Gain have partnered with parenting & lifestyle Expert, Rosie Pope, best known for her Bravo reality show Pregnant in Heels, to help parents across the country create safe (homes and) laundry rooms. 

Up, Up & Away
Home Safety Tips
on behalf of Rosie Pope, Tide & Gain
Parenting and lifestyle expert Rosie Pope shares helpful tips to creating and maintaining a safe home –in and outside of the laundry room –for you and your little ones.

Think About Storage and Cleanliness
•Keep all cleaning supplies –including laundry pacs–Up, Up and Away –seal pacs up, store pacs up and keep pacs away. Supplies should be behind a locked door and high up out of children’s reach.

•Keep cleaning products in their original containers with the label intact.

•Clean up any spills, and immediately wash your hands and any items you use to pour or measure products.

Think Like a Child
•See things from a child’s perspective. Try getting down on your hands and knees and look around for small items.

•Educate your children on hazardous products and situations in the home. The world is a dangerous place and you’re not always going to be there. Educating your kids will allow them to make smart choices on their own.

Think Ahead
•Always have the numbers of poison control and your pediatrician handy.

•Remember to educate other guests in your home about house rules. Nannies, mother-in-laws, friends –be sure to let them know important safety precautions like where to store cleaning items.

•Set reminders for yourself to do safety checks in your home every 3-4 months.

•Develop and practice a home fire escape plan, with two ways out of the house in case of fire.

*For more information on home safety tips visit PGEveryday.com.

National Poison Prevention Week takes place March 15th – 21st which provides a great reminder to conduct a safety check around your home to ensure all dangerous items are stored out of reach children.

I'm off to child proof my house now!  Thank you P & G and Rosie Pope.

**I wasn't paid to post this.  I was sent a lovely gift basket!**

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