Happy Birthday Lovely O

Recently we celebrated Lovely O turning 10.


How did this happen so fast?? 

I want to wish my beautiful amazing daughter Lovely O a wonderful 10th birthday {a few days late but we've had a situation} on the blog.  Over the years I've shared my little family with you and I know you've had many laughs over some on my stories.  It's never dull at our house.  So a decade ago the world was introduced to our amazing beautiful talented little girl.  You've seen her first smile, her first steps, her first vacation, her first day of school, and so many other firsts that I couldn't even begin to make a list because it would take years to complete and by then she would have had a few more birthdays and you've seen how much she is loved by us, her family and her lifelong friends.

It has truly been a blessing having her in our life.  Not a day goes by that I don't look at her and whisper thank you to God for her.  I'm so grateful. 

Happy Birthday my Sweet Daughter.
You are loved by so many!

Enjoy the pictures.  :) 

I love to decorate for those that have a birthday the night before because we have a tradition that the birthday person gets to open his or her presents before they go to school if their birthday falls on a school day.

So I decorated.

The Adventures on Supermom®
I see dots.

And before school she opened her presents.

The Adventures on Supermom®

The Adventures of Supermom

She loves to sew and crochet and make crafts.  {She totally gets it from me.}  For Christmas Santa brought her a sewing machine that she's been having fun with but it's not sewing certain material and I'm too afraid for her to sew with my sewing machine because it's bigger.  I'd have a heart attack if she got her fingers stuck under the needle.  Oh my goodness, that would be awful.

I looked around and read reviews and blogs about the best sewing machine for a smaller young lady like Lovely O and found the perfect one at our local K-Mart.  I had no idea that they even carried Singer sewing machines!  I tell ya, I learn something new almost every single day.  Last week is was how to spell brussels sprouts.  Remember?

She LOVES her sewing machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I cannot wait to see what she creates next! 

BONUS:  Ninja Gurl can use the other sewing machine that Lovely O outgrew!!!!!!!!!!

As a surprise Superdad brought home an ice cream cake to celebrate that night!!  She was so happy!!!

Since her birthday was during the week we had planned her party for the weekend.  So two days ago she shared her birthday with her girl friends from school and I believe she had a lovely time.  She had picked a “movie night” theme so I did all the decorating for her and even made adorable goodie bags to hand out using popcorn bags.  I love planning parties!!!

BONUS:  She had TWO birthday cakes!!!  Now that's how to PAR-TAY!!

The Adventures on Supermom®
Take 10!!!!  Action!!

The Adventures on Supermom®
Setting up at APC.

The Adventures on Supermom®

The Adventures on Supermom®
Cake decorated in red, white and black.

The Adventures on Supermom®
A blurry picture BUT she is smiling and her
friends aren't in the picture.  Privacy issues yanno?