Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter by Emily Belle Freeman
Seven Traditions to Lead Us Closer to Jesus Christ

Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter 

Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter, a new book that focuses on seven different personal experiences with the Lord that took place just before and just after His suffering, sacrifice, and Resurrection.

When I was asked to be part of the blog tour I was excited yet it saddened me.  It made me think about how we celebrated Easter at my house growing up.  I can remember the Easter baskets with candy and plastic eggs but I don't remember there being any talk about Jesus and why we celebrate Easter.  I also remember going to visit family and a big meal was prepared and then the Easter egg hunt took place.  Oh!!!  The frilly Easter dresses.

Now that I am a mother with four children and even a brand new granddaughter {she still has that new baby smell} Easter is pretty much still the same.  A family dinner.  I do the Easter baskets with candy and plastic eggs {for the big egg hunt} but there really isn't any talk about why we celebrate this day.  I can remember one year when I only had two children that the week of Easter I told my children why we celebrate Easter and then on Easter morning I gave them a beautiful biblical card with some sort of Easter message and one big chocolate bunny.  I think they were okay with it BUT then that very same day the woman that was dating {then later married} their dad gave them huge baskets full of so much candy, toys and eggs.  It made me feel bad about myself like I was letting them “miss out” on something.

Over the years I have collected a nice assortment of decorations that I put out for the season but it's mostly bunnies and eggs so that's not even telling of the real meaning of Easter.

While reading Emily's book I felt the need to tell my children about the meaning of Easter and I want to start new traditions with them so they can pass them on to their children.  I'm so thankful that I was included in this amazing book tour.  God is amazing and I am thankful for everything he has done for me.

I look forward to the new traditions that we me made at our house as a family.

In this book, Emily Belle Freeman, bestselling author of Celebrating a Christ-Centered Christmas, shares insight and traditions that will help families create a more meaningful Easter celebration. Read stories of people who were closest to the Savior during the final weeks of His life. Discover the meaning behind the wheat baskets, the forget knot, the red egg and other traditions that will help Easter, the linchpin of Christian holidays, become a “High Holy Day” in your heart and in your home. After all, it isn’t just about chocolate covered eggs.

About the Book:
One of the few titles for adults on the Easter holiday, this beautiful gift book tells the story of Jesus from Crucifixion to Resurrection in short chapters, illustrated with line art, told in the first-person narrative of seven disciples. Each section offers the author's commentary on the lessons learned from each disciple and suggests simple traditions to follow to remember how implementing the teachings of the Easter holiday can vastly enrich your life today.

Emily Belle FreemanEMILY BELLE FREEMAN is a coach's wife, a mother to four children and a few others who have found refuge in her home, author of several bestselling books, and sought-after inspirational speaker. Her days are spent watching over teenagers, her flock of pampered chickens, and a rabbit that she adores. She finds great joy in studying the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Her deep love of the scriptures comes from a desire to find their application in everyday life. For a few minutes every day Emily forgets about the laundry, leaves the dishes in the sink, and writes.

She coauthors a blog that is a stopping place for hearts seeking all that is good: www. multiplygoodness.com.

**I wasn't paid to post this and the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.  I was sent a free copy of the book to share with my family and you.**