Life these days.
The {not so} Adventures of Supermom

Blogging these days is difficult for me.  Difficult because I have been dealing with this back thing and at times in excruciating pain.

How many times can you read that I feel awful?

Not a lot I am sure.

I know that it's hard on my husband to hear “rough” all the time for me.

Sadly it is rough.  Very rough on me and very depressing.

The simple task of cooking a meal can make me cry.  Last night it was a bad pain night for me and I sat up quietly surfing the web while my husband was sound asleep beside me.

I was reading about Bob Simon dying in a car crash, making a BitStrip and catching up with people on Facebook by reading their status updates.  I had pillows all around me trying to get comfy.  At one point I wanted more water but couldn't get up to get it and I wasn't going to wake Superdad to get it.

Today I managed to make the girls lunch and get them to school, then I crocheted some on a project.  More like crochet, measure, unravel, crochet, measure, unravel until it was perfect.  That's one thing I can control so I do. 

Then I clicked around on Netflix trying to find another show to binge watch.  A new past time.  My new past time since June.  Superdad will tease me about the hours I have spent on Netflix but in all honesty it has helped me forget the pain that I am in.  It has allowed me a moment to laugh at a corny joke or try to play detective and solve the crime. 

I did try to watch the third season of House of Cards since they had the mix up but I missed it!


Oh well, guess I have to wait a few more weeks for them to really release it this time.

I've tried to read a few books but I haven't mastered crocheting while reading just yet.  That's what I should be working on!  Reading while crocheting without missed a stitch!  But I'm good at unraveling and crocheting again so would it really matter?

I could always dress Kitty and Sophie up for pictures but even that bored me.

OH OH, I could even read the online gossip of Sister Wives but that even bored me already too.

So, while the girls and boy are in school and my husband is at work I am finding an outlet, my outlet, to just get through the day until everyone is at home.  AND hopefully I will not be grouchy by that time and cross with everyone.

This is my life these days.  Tomorrow I see my doctor to go over the MRI that I had Tuesday afternoon.


There you have it.

Tell me how you are?