One thing I have decided.... {just this one exact thing at this very moment, not about everything about life.}

I buzzed my hair back in December of 2013 and then had this personal asinine challenge to let it grow for the next year.  In fact I did let it grow for all of 2014 and an extra month, totaling 13 months! 

The Adventures of Supermom®

I really enjoyed braiding my hair and pinning it up but I rarely just wore it down because I do not like myself with longer hair.

Michelle Lee
Braided and pinned up.

{Except this one time at Christmas my hair was down.  Lookie there!}

The Adventures of Supermom® Michelle Lee
Not shabby here.

It makes me look older and it makes me look tired.  Yes I am 40 and tired but that doesn't mean I wish to look like it.  {and a grandmother}

Sooooooooooooooo, I headed to L’eau de Vie in downtown Asheville for some hair therapy.

Trina was AMAZING and she knew exactly what I wanted. 

Michelle Lee short hair
Bye bye hair.  I don't miss you even a little.

It's perfect.

Short hair suits me. 

Michelle Lee short hair

I'm going to call Trina when it's time for another trim because it's so HARD to find someone you like that knows how to cut your hair.  I haven't had a steady hair dresser since mine moved AWAY back in 2009!

I feel like a new woman!!!!!  WOOT WOOT!  And you can see how happy I am!!

Best Friends
Dinner with my BFF.

Welcome back you short haired sexy woman!