Happy New Year! Bring on 2015!

Here it is January 2nd and I haven't even posted a blog for the new year but I have been busy.  Or entertained.  Or just felt like total crap and haven't felt like blogging.

Burned out?  Sure.  You can call it what you may.

I call it ivebeenbloggingfortenyearsandrunningoutofthingstosay.

Yeah, that's what I call it.

I am not one to make resolutions because I refuse to set myself up for failure. 

Nope, I didn't run that mile four times a week.  FAILURE!
Nope, I didn't give up sugar.  FAILURE!
Nope, I didn't spend less time on Netflix.  FAILURE!

You get my drift.

Sure sure, eyeroll eyeroll, I'd love to finish a New Yorker in a day until my stack is gone and I am up to date on them.   While I am it I'd love to read a new book about once a week and learn to cook authentic Indian food and learn to speak French again.  Oh hell, why limit myself??  Two new books a week and add Portugal to the list of languages to learn.

Then I could start growing my own grain so I could really REALLY make homemade bread from scratch.

Yeah, I said that with sarcasm.  {nodding}  Yep yep.  It's all fun and giggles until someone takes the Internet away.

Seriously, I only have a few things I hope that 2015 brings.

Health and LOTS OF GOOD HEALTH.  Amazing health that I cannot believe I am 40!  Amazing health that I cannot believe I'm a grandmother {or soon will be one}. 

A happy carefree loving relationship with my husband.  Make more time for us as a married couple.  I recently read an article about how having sex every day is awesome for a marriage.  The author really spelled it out correctly!!  Let me use me as an example to explain it better.  HYPOTHETICAL.  You're on ten years of marriage and after getting the kids to bed and perhaps off your boob you think about the dishes that need to be washed, lunches to be packed and holy HELL is there clothes to fold?!?!?

Michelle Lee The Adventures of Supermom®Instead of worrying about that go grab your mate and get all dirty with each other like when you were dating or newly married before work and kids.  Instead of remembering how you used to think about him all day and couldn't wait for him to call, make it a reality because you're both still those people deep down.  You're just all lucky now because they are your spouse and instead of sneaking around to have sex before marriage just go lock your bedroom door and get busy.

We'd all be better having sex all the time! 

Be more physically active.  I'm so sick and tired of hearing it all the flipping time and I will be more physically active when I am flipping ready to be and not a flipping minute sooner.  So yeah, I want to walk more.  Perhaps swim on a regular basis because I loved swimming as a young girl.  I bet the water would be therapeutic for my back as well.

Be a better parent.  There's always room for improvement.

Read more.  Watch less. 

Spend more time with my best friend which is totally doable since she moved back.  We complete each other.  She's happy, I'm happy, she likes to laugh, I like to make her laugh, we love food, coffee and reading. 

Michelle Lee

I also promise not to bring home another furry animal to live with us.  {nodding}

Do you make resolutions??  If so then tell me about them.