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Wilderness at the Smokies Hotel & Waterpark Resort in Sevierville, TN
{Winter Stay & Play FAM at Wilderness at the Smokies}

It's a.....kidney stone.

What's one of your favorite book quotes?

Top Toy Trends for the Holiday Season from zulily!
{Merry Christmas!}

’Tis the season for gifting little ones the toys they’ve been wanting all year long. This year, it’s not just about play – the most popular toys this season promote learning and creativity!

That said, we’ve tapped zulily’s resident toy expert Kenji Yoshinari for a list of trends to keep in mind as you scour the zulily Toy Shop for the perfect gifts that will both entertain and educate your child this season. Kenji’s tips are:

•    Use the Force to make sure you give the hottest toys! With the upcoming December 18th premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we’re sure Star Wars toys and apparel will be flying off the shelves this holiday season. Make sure to purchase early so you don’t miss out!
•    Look out for open-ended building toys. Giving kids the opportunity to let their imagination run wild and not be constrained by instruction manuals is the heart of this hot trend.
•    Switch from STEM to STEAM. Adding the ART component to STEM gives you more ways to introduce creativity…

It Was A Magical Time

Recently we surprised the girls with a trip to Disney before Thanksgiving.  We knew about the trip in advance but we didn't tell the girls until three weeks before we made the drive.  The long drive. 

Yeah, it was a long drive.

I wanted to share some pictures so here you go.  Sorry there are so many. 

I couldn't help it.

Heading out on a Saturday morning.

My amazing husband surprised me with a night on Amelia Island, where we honeymooned.  Of course I propped my feet up on my balcony.

I have to get a crown.

Which is appropriate since I am totally a princess.

Happy Thanksgiving

Kidney Stone = First Ambulance Ride

I am thankful....

Dear Diary,

Ninja Gurl was home sick today.  I made her watch The Neverending Story...she did NOT like it at all.  I swear the 80s music reminded me of Miami Vice.  I kept expecting Sonny to jump out in his espidrills.   He didn't though.  Perhaps next time.Hilarious. I had the best hair cut today at The Water Lily by Cara!!  My friend Nicole has super cute short hair so I asked her where she went so i could make an appointment.   The place I have been going is downtown and the girl I see didn't have an appointment until next week.  I was too impatient to wait.  I'm glad because I love the new place and it's beside my house!!Perfect!

Back To School with l.e.i. {A Review}
Life. Energy. Intelligence.

The kids are back in school and they are always looking for clothes to wear.  My son, who’s in high school, never gives me grief about clothes and pretty much wears anything and everything.  If it’s clean he’s cool but I’m pretty sure he’d wear it dirty.  {shaking my head}  Boys!

My two daughters are so difficult to shop for!  They change clothes like five times a day and are never satisfied!  {CRINGE}  Shopping for girls is so nerve wrecking and I dread it.  Dread it so much.  I’m all full of anxiety thinking about it right now.  Who oh why is it so difficult?!?!

l.e.i. is a brand name that I have heard about from time to time over the years so I was tickled pink when I got an email about checking out some of their jeans and tops for my girls.  YAY!  When the package came in the mail they frantically grabbed for their size to put on and then after they were dressed they WOULDN’T take them off.  I’m not joking.  They LOVED the cool and hip clothes that they wouldn’t take them off. 

Jillian Michaels I ♥ You!

Yo, another video.

My kids are driving me bat shit crazy.

Fromagerie Guilloteau Introduces New Washed-Rind Cheese: FROMAGER D’AFFINOIS CAMPAGNIER


Specialty French Cheese Producer Introduces New Washed-Rind Cheese to US Market in 2015

Fromagerie Guilloteau, one of France’s finest specialty cheese producers, is pleased to introduce the newest member of its family: Fromager d’Affinois Campagnier. Produced using Fromagerie Guilloteau’s revolutionary ultrafiltration process, which retains a higher concentration of nutrients and ensures creamier and richer cheeses, this soft-ripened, cows-milk cheese presents a smooth and velvety texture – similar to a triple-cream – and displays salty, buttery and meaty flavors. Its thin, orange-colored rind comes from washing the rind in an extract from Annatto, an indigenous plant to South America that is used as a natural dye ranging in color from bright yellow to deep orange.

“The newest cheese to our top-selling cheese line, Fromager d’Affinois, reflects our desire to share the “terroir” of France with…

There goes Lady Michelle? There goes Duchess?

I love Granny on Downton Abbey.

Wordless Wednesday #WW {My sweet sweet baby.}

One I Love {Review and Giveaway}

Toys, toys and more toys.  Everywhere I see toys!  TOYS!  Recently I was sent a few products from One I Love so I could tell you about them.  {First - I LOVE THE NAME - One I Love!!!!!!} 

I knew that sweet sweet baby would love everything they mailed me except the jump rope, however I put that in safekeeping for a Christmas gift.  I know that shy Lovely O will love it in her stocking Christmas morning and that we will love seeing her jumping around OUTSIDE. 

One I Love provides the best in organic and fair trade products for both you and your loved ones!  All of the brands they distribute are committed to both environmental integrity and fair trade practices. 

We were tickled pink to see sweet sweet baby playing with her airplane.  I had wanted to wait until Christmas for her to have it but….she was here one day and I’ve never been good at keeping surprises so I went ahead and gave it to her.  It was good.  She loved it.  She mostly loved eating on it.  {laughing}

One I Love has eco…

Books! Books!

Duncan Hines {A beater licking review.}

When I think of a Duncan Hines cake mix I think of wonderful memories spent with my grandmother making a cake or lots of cupcakes, licking the beater and the mixing bowl.  I think of icing and sprinkles.  I think of laughter and love.  I think of amazing traditions I have experienced and I think of traditions I am making with my own kids. 

Duncan Hines is in the tradition of making memories.

When they sent me an email about how back to school time comes with all sorts of celebrations! 

A good game, an A+ spelling test, impromptu play dates, and let’s not forget celebrating parents, too with a special desert and a glass of wine… the list goes on and on!

Duncan Hines has the “Perfect Size” cake to fit any occasion and your hectic schedule. These great-tasting cakes, with a serving size of two to four, are perfect for a few people when a full-size cake is too much (too many pans to clean, too much cake left over).

Duncan Hines has created Perfect Size cakes in five deliciously indulgent …

Take off your pants then make a video.

7th Heaven Facial Products{The Adventures of Supermom® loves 7th Heaven!}

I firmly believe that you should always take care of your skin and I love trying products that make my skin feel all fresh and clean.  When I was asked to try out two 7th Heaven facial products I was excited yet hesitant.  Before when I have tried facial masks it has caused my face to break out but this time IT DID NOT!  I was so happy.

Fresh clear skin with no breakouts.

More about the two products that I was sent:

Argan Oil Mud MaskCoupled with antioxidant-rich acai berries, this wonder Moroccan mask is the perfect solution to bring the most fatigued face back to life.

Embrace the natural joy of Moroccan Argan Oil coupled with antioxidant rich Acai Berries. This power duo join forces in this face mask to deeply cleanse pores, balance oil levels and bring tired skin back to life. 

This mud mask was easy to use.  Apply the mud, relax for 10 - 15 minutes then rinse.  Perfect feeling face. 

Tea Tree Oil Peek Off Mask - A de-stressing mask that delves deep into pores and takes impuriti…

{Iconic pop culture brand} Bratz are back!

I’ve been a fan of Bratz for a long time.  My oldest daughter used to play with them all the time when she was a little girl.  We had Bratz dolls all over the house!  I would find their shoes all over the place.  She is 21 now but thankfully I kept all of her dolls for her little sisters so now they play with her Bratz dolls.  It’s adorable seeing her sisters play with dolls that I remember dressing all those years ago and I won’t even start about finding the shoes all over the house.  I look forward to keeping them for my granddaughter to play with.  {gentle smile}

A video with sweet sweet baby.

A Video, Oh My.

Throwback Thursday #TT
{I don't wanna be a cowboy.}

Bumkins Reusable Snack Bags
{A Review}

I don’t like being wasteful when it comes to packing lunches for the girls.  I always tell them to not throw away their plastic bags because I will reuse them when I pack their lunch for the next day.  I like being able to reuse bags because I pack their lunches every day.  The plastic baggies don’t wash well though and get all yucky after a few days because they aren’t meant to be reusable.

Thankfully Bumkins asked me to review their reusable snack bags in two different sizes.  YAY for me.  I love these lil bags!  I use them when I pack their lunches for school and use them the next day and the next day and the next day.

They are sturdy and they wash up awesome. 

There are two sizes so you can pack a sandwich in the large size and use the small size for popcorn or apple slices. 

Bumkins has made lunch time and snack time very “reusable” and fun!

More about Bumkins Reusable Snack Bags:

Wordless Wednesday #WW

Tis the migraine season.

Or so it feels that way with my heading wanting to explode.  I feel that if I banged my head against the wall it would actually feel better.  I haven’t actually tried but the day just started.  Soooo….

How have you been?  Enjoying the Fall weather?  Glad the kids are in school?  Looking forward to stealing your kids Halloween candy?  I know I am!!!!  I always pick a few to hide in my super secret candy stash.

Come on!  I know all parents have a super secret candy stash!!!  {I wasn’t born yesterday!}

Things around the Supermom house have been good. 

I crocheted a skirt for a special event then unraveled it ALL to start over because I needed to make it smaller and take out the belt loops.  They weren’t working for me.  {shrug}

The girls begged and begged for us to take them to the fair and us being parents wanting to rip out their hearts and ruin all their happy hopes told them no.  It’s one of the perks of being a parent. 

I did finish book four!!!  {happy dance}  Drums of Autumn was…

Back to School with Chalk Ink
{All About}

The Adventures of Supermom® LOVES Chalk Ink.  We were sent some of these amazing markers and they are totally cool!  Not only can I use them to write on my dry erase board but I can also use them on cardboard and paper to make a lasting splash of color. 

Times like this I wish I had a HUGE chalkboard to play on.  I would have so much fun.  Even the kids would love this!

More information about Chalk Ink:

Chalk Ink is a versatile, easy way to make just about everything more colorful and bright! It really grabs kids’ attention! A major upgrade from the chalk used in days of yore, Chalk Ink is the highest quality chalk marker you can find. It works like a paint pen, yet looks like chalk. No dust and no smearing once it is dry. You can use it on any non-porous surface and wipes off easily with water or Windex. Its classic set of 8 markers comes in eye-catching colors that have limitless uses:

Make fun & creative projects:
*Label drawers or cubbies to keep things organized.* Use different …

The Best Natural Homemade Skin & Hair Care
Products By: Mar Gomez
{Press Release}

Formulas for all types of skin, from dry to oily and from young to old.

Health-enhancing oils from around the world form the base for natural cosmetics. With these easy-to-follow recipes and widely available natural ingredients, you’ll be able to create effective, soothing and, above all, natural creams, balms, face and body oils, exfoliating scrubs, shampoos, shower and bath gels and lip balms.

The recipes in this book feature really lovely oils, including monoi oil (a coconut and flower oil that is a staple in beauty and skin regimens in Tahiti), soy oil, nut oils (such as macadamia, almond and peanut), seed oils (such as sesame, hemp, pumpkin seed and flax) and some beautiful exotic natural oils, such as piqui, andiroba, prickly pear seed, tamanu and argan.

All of these oils have wonderful skin-care properties, and there are formulas for all types of skin, from dry to oily, acne-prone to wrinkled, young to old.

The formulas are very easy to follow and require only regular kitchen …

Time with family is time well spent.
{Contains Drums of Autumn book SPOILERS!!}

Recently we had to cancel a long weekend trip because of the weather and it bummed the kids.  My Mamaw and great aunt love to visit Pigeon Forge, TN so they can sit by the pool and watch the kids play and we all enjoy having this time together as a family.  We eat out for dinner, ride the go-carts and sometimes shop but mostly the kids play on the water slide, the lazy river and jump off the diving board and we LAUGH A LOT.

The last time we went I was doing cannonballs in the deep end with my son and LMAO with my Mamaw and Superdad.  {Good times.}

So sadly it went from being very hot to cold and rainy in a WEEK so we had to cancel our trip.  To sort of make up for it we went out to dinner one night together.  It wasn’t as fun as my Mamaw taking something to help her sleep or squeezing the kids in one bed but it was nice nonetheless.

Next year we will plan earlier and go in the summer.

I’m still reading book four but I have less than 100 pages!!!  My Superdad went out and bought me the…

Exploring Biltmore Estate from A to Z By: Chris Kinsley
{Press Release}

I’m so glad that I am able to share this book with you because I live in Asheville!  I grew up hearing all about Biltmore House and it’s a place we went to on field trips in school.  It’s also the first place I recommend for visitors when they come to my town.  My girls recently went to Biltmore House at Christmas with a woman from church.  They loved it!

Now they can enjoy this book!  They can even take it with them next time they go!!!

This entertaining seek-and-find alphabet book invites you to explore twenty-six must-see places at Biltmore Estate, offering beautiful photographs, clever rhymes and hidden animals on every page. Children will discover everything from colorful gardens and underground tunnels to towering rooftops and lively farm animals. Included are fun facts about Biltmore’s history in an illustrated glossary and a kid-friendly map for planning your journey. Whether you use this book as a guide for an upcoming visit to Biltmore or as a souvenir to commemorate your sta…

Superdad won’t buy me beer.
{SPOILERS of Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon!!}

Twice I’ve added it to my grocery list and once I begged him as he was walking out the door but sadly he won’t buy me some brew while he is out.

I love beer.  I love the way it tastes and I love how it tastes.  That’s really all I can say to express my desire to drink a cold brew.  {nodding}

It’s been a hectic week with school, work and life.  I feel as if I need an emotional vacation that includes beer.  {I tease.}  I have a friend that just got back from a cruise to the Bahamas and she said it was wonderful!  It does sound a bit heavenly if I could get over the fact that I’d be on a boat not being able to see land.

That would freak me out a bit I believe.  If the boat could just travel the coast so a bit of land can be seen then I’d be okay.  I think.  She said she could only feel the boat moving a bit.

Have you been on a cruise?  Would you do it again? 

{I also have a friend who just went on a Disney cruise to Alaska.}

I’d like that too.  Pack the sweaters and enjoy hot cocoa whil…

Kids Prize Pack {Perfect for ALL ages.}

Recently Thomas, the founder of Kids Prize Pack, sent my girls two Kids Prize Packs so The Adventures of Supermom® could see what it was all about.  Kids Prize Pack is sharing the love of books by encouraging children to read as each box comes with an age appropriate book along with toys in the same theme.  We are avid readers here in our house and it tickles me that Thomas is giving children the gift of books and encouraging children to read. 

My girls were sent two boxes, a Princess theme and an Animal Adventures theme, and it was exciting for all.  Their older sister was here and sweet sweet baby so we were all hurrying the girls to open their boxes and then their older sister wanted their boxes.  We had A LOT of fun with these two amazing boxes.

Here's Lovely O patiently waiting for me to take pictures while sweet sweet baby and Sophie the Yorkie Poo wanted to help open the box.

I like this box!

The Adventures of Supermom is retiring.
{Wordless Wednesday #WW}

I’ve decided that once I get my desk cleaned off and all of my email sorted out that I will no longer be posting reviews and press releases.  I’ve decided that it’s become too much of a hassle.

When I started blogging it was boring stuff about my life and then people wanted me to do this and do that and it’s become what the blog is about instead of that old boring stuff about life.

I’ve come to a place in life where I want more instead of being chained to my desk worrying about a product.  Since I do not charge for reviews or press releases it just isn’t worth my valuable time.  Yes, I get lots of neat things FREE in the mail which in turn I tell you about.

If I decide to blog I want it to be about my life.  The kids.  Books.  Yarn and normal boring life stuff.

If a company does contact me to travel or work a paying gig then {of course} I will see if it fits into our life at that moment…

but for now it does not.

So today I will be cleaning off my desk one thing at a time and schedule …

New SCIENCE Products just in time for Back to School!
{Your KIDS will love this Nerd Journal and the Periodic Thoughts Postcards!}

Science was one of my favorite subjects in school and to this day I miss it.  It’s really a nice feeling when you love a subject in school and look forward to being in that class every day.  It means you are thirsty for knowledge.  I love that!

Right now my passion {besides being a mom} is reading.  Or is it crocheting?  Or Netflix.  {I KID!}  It’s reading and crocheting.  These are two things I love doing!  I LOVE going to far off places in my head and I love creating beautiful pieces with yarn. 

So when the Nerd Journal and Periodic Thoughts Postcards came in the mail I instantly went back to high school with the periodic chart taking up ONE huge wall in class and the black lab tables.  It was GREAT!

I just know that students of all ages will love these two products! 

More information about them:


Celebrate your all-out geekery with your very own journal! Do you want to map the nighttime sky? Is there a weather pattern you want to document? What superpower w…

Captain No Beard Blog Tour #CaptainNoBeard
{Author Interview with Carole P. Roman}

Recently I was able to ask the author Carole P. Roman some questions about her Captain No Beard series for children.  Books play a very important part in our life as we are all avid readers so I’m super excited that I am able to share this with you.

About the Captain No Beard Series

Captain No Beard sets sail on 9 separate voyages of the imagination with his fearless crew aboard his pirate ship The Flying Dragon.
When a young boy named Alexander, his cousin Hallie, and some stuffed animals, board his bed their world is transformed into a magical vessel, sailing the seven seas on dangerous and exciting adventures! Captain No Beard: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life was named to Kirkus Reviews' BEST OF 2012 for Children's Indie Books, and garnered the Kirkus Star of Exceptional Merit, as was Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis. In addition to many other merits awarded to the series, The Foreword review gave "Five Star" reviews to Pepper Parrot's…