Spinal Injections {oh my}

I've been having a very difficult time with my back.  It's frustrating, confusing and downright depressing.  I've been dealing with this since June and today I had my first round of steroid injections in my spine.

Yeah, my spine.

I was sort of hoping it would have been a procedure where they “twilight” you and you leave a very happy person not even remembering why you were there and that you just had a shot in your spine.

It didn't work that way.

The wait was long!  My husband was with me and we looked through the sexiest man edition of People together and we giggled.  I then looked at a magazine that had delicious food in it! 

I now have a ginormous craving for a thick juicy STEAK!  Perhaps with some garlic buttah on top with a big ole baked potato on the side.  MMM MMM MMM.  Then a mouth watering dessert with hot coffee.


I must go to a steak house ASAP!

So most of my waiting was done in the waiting room with my Superdad.  When I was called back I spoke some to the doctor but mostly the nurse.  I crawled up onto a table and rested on my tummy while she prepped me for my shots.  He numbed the area with a shot and that hurt the most in the procedure.  Thanks to x-raying me while lying there he was able to find the spot and give me a big dose of steroids in my spine.  It made me all teary.  The anxiety of knowing I was going to have it done, the anxiety of being in pain for so long and the anxiety of hoping for relief.


While Superdad was driving me back home I started to hurt in places that weren't bothering me BEFORE the injection.  My left side hasn't hurt me one bit during all of this but now it is.  I know it will take a day or two or weeks before a change and it could even take all three injections to make me feel better. 

I must have patience.

BWAH HA HA!  Saying that with a straight face is down right impossible.  Sort of like when I'm told to relax and my response is always “define relax”.  I don't have patience and “relaxing” isn't in my vocab unless I'm at the beach able to hear the ocean.

Sigh, that's what I need.  I need the beach in my view, the water kissing my piggies and the feel of the sand underneath me.

Honey can we go to the beach??

I'm ready.

There you have it.  What did you do today?