Spiderman Powers or Bella from Twilight Powers?

Last night I couldn't sleep.  I was very alert thinking that a radioactive spider may have bitten me and I was turning into Spiderwoman or perhaps I was turning into a Vampire like Bella on Twilight.  Seriously, I was super alert like I could taste the air all around me.  I could see the dust sparkling in the moon light, or would that be moon ray?, or moonbeam?, and I could hear the ticking of Superdad's clock.

Tick tick tick.

Or it could have been his electric blanket controller??

So I could taste the air, see the dust floating around and hear a ticking noise.

Totally Twilight.

While getting used to my super senses I started fantasizing about food.  Yummy dessert type food.  Chocolate, graham cracker crusts, bread...

Then it hit me after midnight, STEROIDS!!!!!

That's why I was awake and not sleeping soundly, not seeing dust and hearing ticking and NOT fantasizing about FOOD!

Steroids!  Damn you all to hell!?!?  {Shouting while falling onto my knees.}  I may need help getting up.

Then I began to wonder if I could turn on my tablet and watch Ally McBeal and not wake my sleeping husband?  UGH!  Radioactive spider bites, FOOD and now Ally McBeal!  I was writing a grocery list out in my head for my morning school run. 

I wonder if Bella made out her grocery list while on that table transforming into a beautiful shining vampire?

Oh wait, vampires don't eat “food” just living humans.  Nodding.  Silly me.

I may have gotten three good hours of sleep.  I'm cranky {what's new}, starving {thank you steroids} and super emotional {thank you steroids}.

So, the question I ask you.

Who would win in a bar-room brawl?  Spiderman or Bella from Twilight?


Jake B. said…
spiderman totally think you need to lay off the tv and the roids b4 you start growing hair where it's not wanted or needed
Supermom said…
ha ha ha