My Favorite Things As A Child, That Santa Brought To Me
{The Adventures of Supermom® Reflects}

While Christmas shopping for my kids I started thinking back to some of my favorite toys that Santa left for me and sadly I realized that my kids would never have the same experiences as I did.  Sure, the times have changed and my kids want what's popular just like I did.

It's just different now.

When I was growing up I played for HOURS with my Etch A Sketch drawing trying to NEVER cross the lines!  Making square after square, so close together, DON'T HIT THE OTHER LINE!!!   Shake shake shake!  All over again!  Twist, twist, twist. 



{nodding, hours of entertainment}

Yes, I can still get one for the girls but WE ALL know that they'd never sit there for hours {like I did} and draw with it.  RIGHT?

Then there was my beloved Chemistry Set.  Michelle the Mad Scientist, making stinky gas and trying to blow things up!  {evil laugh}  Bwah ha ha.  I bet you can't get THAT Chemistry Set these days.  It's all safe now.  Pft.  Who wants one of THOSE for Christmas?  Might as well just draw with my Etch A Sketch!



Oh oh oh!!!  My Speak & Spell!  I LOVED THAT THING!!!!!!!!!  Awwwwww, I miss my Speak & Spell.  That red plastic electronic speaking toy I could carry around with its handle all day long.  Spell DOG.  D.  O.  G. 


Do they still make these?  AND does it still sound the same?  It MUST still sound the same to make it be authentic!

So we have Chemistry Sets, Etch A Sketch and Speak & Spell!  Best Christmas toys ever!

I know I have to add my Jem and the Holograms, Barbie and the Rockers too!  With their cardboard stages and plastic instruments!  I still have them too.  {nodding}  I was a Barbie addict AS A CHILD and played with them all the time.  My Mamaw would even sew them tiny clothes!  It was awesome.  Now that I am an adult I don't play with Barbie dolls but the girls do.

What were your favorite Christmas gifts growing up??