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A Difference a Year Makes
The Adventures of Supermom® talks about hair.

A year ago today I had just watched V for Vendetta and got a wild hair {as they say} and buzzed all of my hair off.  It was loads of fun!!!  So yeah, I buzzed it all off.

Poof, it was gone.

The Adventures of Supermom®

It shocked EVERYONE!  Even my husband I'm sure and he's used to my shenanigans.  {gentle smile}  I sort of shocked myself too perhaps.  I've always wanted to do it and after watching that movie I felt the urge!  Damn Natalie Portman and her amazing buzzed head!!!!!!

After doing that crazy stunt I thought I'd not cut my hair and let it grow.  I've held true on my quest and I now have hair.  A lot of hair for me.  Superdad has never seen me with hair this long since we've been together all of our twelve years. 

Michelle Lee

I hate to admit this out loud since I've always shouted out about how women look all sexy with short sassy hair and that you didn't have to be a woman with long hair to feel sexy.  Now that my hair is longer I feel like I have a “softer” look about me and I do feel more girly and feminine.  I'm sorry ladies but since I've been on both sides, I hate to say this, I feel more “womanly” with my longer hair. 

{hanging head in shame}

I like feeling it on my neck and around my ears and I love it when I have to brush it out of my face.  I like it when my husband brushes it out of my face.  His touch.  I LOVE braiding one side to keep the hair out of my face.  ME!!  Braiding my hair!!!  I haven't braided my own hair in a very very long time.  I also love wearing my hair up now.  Using clips and pins to make the perfect look.

Michelle Lee

I also love being able to innocently take a strand of hair between my fingers and twirl it while I'm doing something.  Like reading a book or watching a TV show.

For a solid year I have let my hair grow and I love it. 

How do you feel about long hair and short hair?


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