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What book are you reading?
The Adventures of Supermom® is BIG on reading.

Asheville, North Carolina The Adventures of Supermom. Michelle LeeI've been having a difficult time getting into a book and finishing a book.  It's been that way most of the year.  I don't know why.

I'm proud to tell you that I started a book and finished a book in a matter of a week or two.  I didn't like the book but I did finish it because it was like a car wreck where you are twisting your neck to see what's going on while you drive past.

The Dinner by Herman Koch

When I bought this book it was covered with brown paper with descriptive words written on the front.  A book store in town has a three foot section of books like this to “surprise” you.  On a recent trip downtown to have lunch with my honey I went in for a walk about and came out with two books wrapped in mysterious brown paper. 

I thought that damn book wasn't going to ever end.  I was totally disappointed.  Perhaps because I am a mom I read the book with different eyes and opinions.  Cringe. 

That's what I get for not READING the back of the book to see what it was about.  Maybe I shouldn't buy books covered in brown paper anymore.  BUT they always say not to judge a book by its cover.

After finishing that book I went in search of a book that I knew would be spectacular!

I started reading War and Peace.  You cannot go wrong with Tolstoy.

Can I get a woot woot?

What's even better is that I've been reading parts to my six year old daughter and teaching her some french words.


Cause that's how I roll.


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