Trademarking “My Brand” by Trademarking my Blog Name
{Celebrating my Ten Years of Blogging}

The Adventures of Supermom®

To celebrate my blog The Adventures of Supermom® I thought I would do something nice for myself or really for my blog.  She's a good ole blog and she's been good to me so I thought I would be good to her.  Wait, I'm always good to her.  I keep her updated, I keep her nicely pressed, I keep her entertained and I keep her up to date in social networks.  I'm one of the best blog owners around.


Back in April I went to visit my Uncle and Aunt in Charlotte and they both suggested I trademark my blog name since I've had it so long.  Their respected jobs are a college professor and an attorney so I value their opinions. 

I thought about it.  I didn't want to rush into anything because it costs money to register for a trademark and if you aren't accepted they do keep your money. 

I thought about it more.

One day I shyly moseyed over to The USPTO to look around.  This visit ended with me filling out paperwork and submitting an application.  It was like a brand new shiny pair of strap-py heels calling my name.  “Michelle, buy me, I will look wonderful on you.  Picture us going out for a drink and enjoying a delicious meal from our favorite spot.”  It went sort of like that except it included things like “Buy me Michelle because if you don't someone else can and then you have to stop using me even though you've been using me for ten years”.

So I filled out the paperwork and submitted an application to trademark The Adventures of Supermom®. 

It was accepted.

I have a trademark and honestly, it feels better than a brand new pair of strap-py heels at the moment.

Happy 10th Anniversary The Adventures of Supermom®!