Things I'm enjoying since I turned 40. {And before.}

Michelle LeeOver the years I'd decided not to worry about using my fine china every day; to enjoy these beautiful things that I have in the now.  I've worked hard over the years so instead of putting my things up for “special occasions”, I treat every single day as a special occasion.

Why don't we do this every day of our life?  Every day that we wake up in our bed is a special occasion.  That's how I see things.

Secretly I smile every time I make my coffee because my sugar is stored in the sugar bowl that is my “special china” from my china cabinet.  Do I worry about breaking it?  Sure but I enjoy seeing it in my kitchen and I smile knowing that I am using it.

The same goes for my silk gowns and robes that I used to keep for those “special occasions”.  Then it dawned on me that I enjoy how they feel and that I feel super pretty in them so why not wear them every night.  So I do.  It's a really nice feeling and I like it. 

It is the little things that we forget to enjoy through life.

Long before turning 40 I believed in always wearing good perfume.  I love Obsession, Chanel #5 and more recently I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Hermes 24, Faubourg.  I always wear perfume!  Even if my plans are to stay home and clean house.  There's just something calming about catching the scent of a delicious perfume.  So, I may not have brushed my teeth or have on clean clothes BUT I do smell fabulous!

But now that I am 40 I have ventured into the many colors of red!  My BFF was chanting “Do it! Do it!  Do it!” while my husband told me, “I've been telling you that for years”.  I'm no red virgin by any means because my piggies are always painted a lovely shade of red but I've never been bold enough to wear red lipstick.

Until now.

Finding the perfect shade of red lipstick is an adventure!  When I decided to give it a go I bought three shades at the drug store and only liked ONE of those!!!!  {I gave the other two to my BFF because she is already a red voyeur.}  I even bought {my husband did} a THIRTY DOLLAR tube of Chanel red lipstick that is gorgeous.  That makes two.  Then I happened to come across a Rimmel red at the drug store that made me all tingly!!!!!  It really is a beautiful color and LASTS ALL DAY like the Chanel.

Here I am, just turned forty and I am a red lipstick addict.  I'm sure there is therapy for this.



Michelle lee

{But the red lipstick looks awesome since I started painting my finger nails red to match my piggies.}

Insert a huge smile here.  Life is good.

So Michelle, if you were stranded on an deserted island, what are the three things you'd have to have to survive?

1. Perfume
2. Red Lipstick
3. Sunscreen

I'm sure with those three things my husband could radio for help, build a shelter and make a mean pina colada!