The Adventures of Supermom® {Best Of}

The Adventures of Supermom®One of my most treasured experiences {in the top ten} from this blog was working with the Vaseline brand four years ago.  It was a total surprise and just the best thing ever.  They contacted me all because I was blogging about my dry skin and trying different lotions to find the very best one. 

I can remember it like it was yesterday.  The phone call from them.  They were inquiring if I would be interested in being in a webfilm talking about Vaseline.  Wait a sec Michelle, first you were contacted through email to see if you'd review their lotion and when you accepted you filled out a short survey about your experience.  {nodding}  Then came the exciting phone call to be in a webfilm.

I was out with the kids because they were on summer break when my cell phone rang from an unfamiliar number. 

While trying not to jump up and down in front of strangers from excitement I agreed to do the webfilm and in three days I had a house full of people from California and New York.  They were with me for three days and on the third day the webfilm was shot in my home and the lake we live beside and the market down the road.

It was such a wonderful experience.  I was just being honest about a brand and sharing it for people to see.  It was super exciting for my kids because they got to be there too and they thought it was super cool. 

The Adventures of Supermom, Michelle Lee

The excitement didn't stop there because then Vaseline wanted to do a tour to help others with dry skin so they wanted to do extreme weather things while telling everyone about the Vaseline lotion.  They asked the three bloggers who did the webfilms if we would go on the tour and we all said YES!  So within a few months we were all on the road.  We as in bloggers and LOTS of other people.  {My family didn't go with me.}

Our first stop was the Philadelphia Marathon.  Let me say that I don't do physical activity and I sure as hell DO NOT RUN!  I still DO NOT run!!!  It was brutal on me because I had been sick and had to postpone my hysterectomy to go on tour because my doctor wouldn't let me go on tour after having my hysterectomy so I rescheduled it.  But I did it, I finished it and I remember crossing the line and I can still hear them calling my name for encouragement.  I really did want to pass out after crossing the line.


Then there was skiing in Aspen.  I want to live in Aspen, I love Aspen, I really want to live there.  I cannot say that enough.  I LOVE ASPEN.  Sadly I learned one thing while in Aspen.  I cannot ski.  Really, nodding, I cannot ski.  I went in with high hopes that I'd be awesome at it and perhaps it could turn into a family thing because we live in the mountains.  But that didn't happen.  I couldn't ski.  I spent more time on my ass than moving gracefully down the mountain looking like a snow bunny.  I would have been better warming seats at the lodge drinking hot totties watching everyone else ski.

The Adventures of Supermom®


BONUS:  Meeting Wendie Malick and Dr. Jessica Wu because they were in the Dry Skin Patrol with us.  They are super awesome and it was totally a pleasure.  I am a HUGE fan of Wendie Malick because I am a Just Shoot Me junkie.  I thought Nina Van Horn was the stuff!!!  A floozie you could fall in love with on the telly.

After Christmas and the big snow that year we hit New York City for the Polar Bear Plunge on Coney Island.  Yep, I was able to see the Big Apple and it was GREAT!  I have a picture hanging in our living room that was taken from my hotel window!  It was definitely an adventure because I had dinner at a Mario Batali restaurant, shopped on Canal Street where I was afraid of being in the sex slave business because of the fake store front shopping for fake handbags {which I didn't buy because I think it's silly} and seeing Grand Central Station, going to the top of The Empire State Building, seeing the amazing tree and ice skaters at Rockefeller Center AND the Polar Bear Plunge on New Year's Day.  {I almost forgot about the naked girl knocking on my hotel room door on New Year's Eve.}

View from hotel room

Rockefeller Center New York Center

Grand Central Station NYC

Polar Bear Plunge 2011, Coney Island, NY

Polar Bear Plunge 2011, Coney Island, NY

So yes, my first visit to New York City was pretty colorful.

Our last trip, after the plunge, was the most fun for me because it was like something you dream of but you never think it will happen.  I went dog sledding in Duluth. 


How many of you have ever done this?

Isn't it AMAZING!!?!?  Being alone with your dogs as you mush through the snow in the woods!  Cameras strapped to you and even falling off once while your dogs run off ahead of you.  Great fun!  Even trying to run after your dogs in like five feet of snow!  A dream come true.

Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol, Dog Sledding, Duluth

Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol, Dog Sledding, Duluth

Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol, Dog Sledding, Duluth

The Adventures of Supermom®

One of the fun things I did with my family while I was away was find the live camera feed that my hotel had on the grounds and I'd walk through the snow and ice so I could wave to my children at night.  That was fun!  And having dinner at a restaurant that rotated!  That was pretty neat, seeing the snow covered town and lights change while you were having dinner.

So you see working with and traveling for the Vaseline brand was a once in a lifetime adventure and I'm so glad that I was able to be included.

Happy 10th Anniversary The Adventures of Supermom®.