I was on the cover of my favorite magazine!
{Perhaps it was an anniversary present for The Adventures of Supermom®?}

Okay, okay, we all know that for the month of November I am celebrating a really huge anniversary with my blog. The Adventures of Supermom® turns ten years old. How cool is that???

What's even cooler is when the one magazine I read came in the mail, I was on the cover!?!?! My super amazing husband surprised me with a subscription for my 40th birthday back in May and I was tickled pink. I'm actually able to read current issues {except they are in a pile in the living room because I am behind} instead of older issues that I pick up at the library.

I know they didn't come right out and tell everyone that it's me BUT deep down in my heart I just KNOW that it is!!! Even my best friend Laurrell agrees with me because the resemblance is so uncanny. I even showed my husband and he smiled.

By looking at the cover I must have been at my favorite bookstore - The Captain's Bookshelf - which is in downtown Asheville.  If you go there then you must agree because they have lots of amazing books that are on shelves and some in piles all in different places.  Right?

She totally has my nose and boobies!!  And fashion sense!  I've been wearing dresses this summer!!  Plus, orange is Ninja Gurls FAVORITE COLOR!!! Coincidence?  I think not.  Another clue is the hair!!  I now have hair!!  I have enough hair for a pony tail!!!!  {Nodding}  Yep, it's totally me.

Thank you so much The New Yorker for putting lil old me, Supermom, on the cover of your amazing magazine.  Thank you for helping me celebrate TEN years of blogging as The Adventures of Supermom®!!!

Michelle Lee